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Rimadyl Side Effects

This page provides an overview of an ever growing number of True Life Stories told by dog lovers sharing their personal experiences on the side effects of Rimadyl.

  • From Leigh M. on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    We have a 181lb Saint Bernard – he has an autoimmune disease of his muscles (in remission thankfully), and also bilateral hip dysplasia. He was put on Rimadyl about 3 weeks ago, and he has been SO INCREDIBLY itchy, and has developed little red bumps/sores sporadically over his body (legs, neck, back). He has NEVER had a flea on him, ever. I kept thinking some kind of food allergy or environmental allergy, but the only thing that has changed is starting the Rimadyl. We’ve been to our vet twice for the itching since the start of the Rimadyl and not once have they suggested or even mentioned this being due to the Rimadyl. Then my husband put two and two together today….which led me here. He will not get one more pill! Thank you everyone for adding your stories, as it helps all of us be informed.

    • From Kristen Roberts on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

      How long did it take for him to stop itching? Is he ok now?

  • From Ozlem on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    My dog starts to rimadyl for limping 3 days ago . He is 70 lb and 2 and a half years old. I gave him 50 mg for first day. He was just sleepy . Second day i gave to him 50 mg again . One hour later he starts to look like he is sad or something like that. Sleepy but not a real sleep , moving like a drunk , licking his paws and sheets almost till morning. I did not sleep and monitored him and start to search and find this site… read all comments and did not give the pill today . He is normal now . I could not think what would be happen end of the week . He is still limping with lots of energy and smiles which we are prefer this. Thanx for every ones warnings .

  • From LInda C on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    We had our Lab that is 10 on it or pain and with in a week he had a reaction and spend several days in the Hospital. his liver enzymes went off the chart. Can close to losing him. Becareful giving this drug to your dog

  • From Jan Foster on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    Our 11 yr old Lab was DX with hip dysplasia 1 yr ago. Given Tramadol, Rimadyl and Gabapentin. Been good for the last year till yesterday and started with blood in stool. We took him to 2 specialists (neuro and ortho) last year, the ortho put him on Rimadyl and our vet took over and continued with RX but NO ONE out all 3 of these “professionals” said anything about monitoring blood or Rimadyl side affects. Ever. If anything, Vet was put out when we asked for RX to be distributed by Allivet since cost was 50% less than vet, who was charging $157/mo. So it’s now no wonder these miserable veterinarians DON’T tell you about the drug side affects – they have a HUGE financial interest in prescribing it. No different than MDs out there who have stock in the pharmaceutical companies so they prescribe meds that are harmful to humans.

  • From Ann Vasquez on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    My Boston Terrier will be 9 years old in November 2017. was prescribed Rimadyl 75 mg 1/2 tablet every 12 hours for neck & shoulder trauma injury due to a car accident we had. He has been on Rimadyl since 2013 on & off ( during cold winter weather & when he chases after rabbits ).
    Recently he started to pass drops of blood after urinating. Lab results revealed liver & kidney are in normal range . He has had a few other symptoms associated with side effects from Rimadyl, such as unwillingness to drink water, and eat, slight aggressive, and has slightly stumbled trying to get on to the bed.
    Ultrasound revealed enlarged Prostate. In the last year he has had the drops of blood after urinating happen 4 times . He was given a generic form of Baytrail for possible urinary tract infection. Each time He had the drops of blood after urinating I stopped the Rimadyl and the bleeding stopped , when I began Rimadyl the drops of blood returned . Is this a coincidence , or is this a side effect to Rimadyl . My Veterinarian that I have used for over 30 years, states this is due to an enlarged prostate, and a neuter surgery is necessary. I know when Rimadyl is not given My Boston Terrier is in chronic pain to the point he can not walk , and breathing is very hard for him, due to the excessive panting dogs do when in extreme pain.
    Can Rimadyl cause side effects that occur after taken this drug for several years ,or is it something that ONLY happens , within the first few days of initial use.

  • From Deb on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    Like so many others, my almost 13 year old lab mix, who weighs about 110 pounds, had an elbow issue after running around. My vet prescribed Rimadyl. I gave it only as needed, which amounted to once a week, or every few days, no problems. Recently, after he started limping again, I gave him rimadyl for about 3 days in a row, 100 mg, once a day, which was less that the 200 mg prescribed dosage. Yesterday, his limp didn’t seem to be improving, so I gave him 2 for the first time. Several hours later, he was lethargic, weak in his BACK legs, and panting like crazy. Appetite, great, as usual. However, he did not seem to be peeing as much as normal, but his poop looked good. As the day went on, he continued to seem unwell. Finally, I got to thinking it might be the rimadyl. I didn’t give him any this morning, and he is much improved today. I am so hoping I didn’t cause any permanent damage. My at home vet, and friend, doesn’t believe it could be the rimadyl, but I respectfully disagreed. He’s coming over Friday and we’re doing a blood panel. NO MORE RIMADYL, either way!

  • From Kathy on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    Boomer (Black Lab) slipped on the wood floor and hurt his leg.
    He had just had his yearly exam and heart, liver, everything was fine.
    Doc prescribed Rimadyl for him. I got him home and gave him his Rimadyl and about 10 minutes later he started panting very hard. His heart was racing so fast it was shaking his whole body.
    Scared to death, I called the vet and was told he was panting because he was n pain and that I should double the dosage, which I did.
    Within an hour he could no longer walk. At 85 pounds I had to drag him outside on a blanket for him to pee. He was the type of dog that would allow his bladder to burst before he went to the bathroom inside.
    I Called the vet again and insisted they see him.
    I was informed that his heart was damaged and failing and that he needed immediate heart surgery or put on a machine at an acute care vet hospital.
    At around $10,000 they could maybe prolong his life 48 – 72 hours but no longer than that.
    I decided to see how Boomer was in the morning and intended to take him to doggy hospital.
    That evening he walked back the hallway and laid his head on my knees and looked up at me. I could see the pain i his eyes.
    He laid down at my feet, howled 2x and died.
    His heart and my heart burst.
    A friend buried Boomer next to the flower bed in the front yard.
    Can I prove Rimadyl is hat killed Boomer? No. I can’t prove it but I KNOW it is what did it.
    My family prefers I never get another dog.
    No one wants to see me go through what I did when Boomer died.
    PLEASE do not allow a vet to give a lab Rimadyl.
    Since then I have read many many cases of this happening.
    This happened in 2005 and I still miss him every single day.

  • From Tanisha on Rimadyl Overdose: Is Rimadyl dangerous for my dog?

    Seeing all these posts on the evil drug makes my h art hurt for those who have lost their fur babies. My Mia is 6 months old. She’s a Boston terrier.After being spayed she was given rimadyl she’s currently being treated in ICU for ” possible drug reaction ” the vet never told me the side effects or even listened when I said a week later something was wrong. I’m looking for a new vet and will be considered taking a legal action against both this is so heartbreaking and seeing all the posts I’m moving forward this should not be happening to our fur babies!

  • From Gloria O.Hammer on Rimadyl Overdose: Is Rimadyl dangerous for my dog?

    I took my Lhasa Apso Teddy 13 years old but full of life to the Veterinary less than 2 weeks ago because he fell down the steps from my place. The doctor never gave him a blood test before he gave a Rimadyl inject caplets 50 mg. also caplets to take home 25 mg. Gave him 3 -12 hours apart This week Teddy started to act rather strange getting very thirst lots of water and not
    going to the bathroom not wanting to eat. He died last night April 29,2017
    Teddy was my life he saved me! I deeply feel that he should have never died,

  • From Karl Hass on Rimadyl Overdose: Is Rimadyl dangerous for my dog?

    Sat perfect checkup and blood work. Rimadyl prescribed and taken by Monday a string of seizures that have left us with no choice but to put her to sleep. Still shows perfect blood work and vet won’t admit even with the mounting evidence this will kill her. No trouble with Meloxicam but they didn’t have any so she will now Die from Rimadyl

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