What is the Accurate Rimadyl Dosage for Dogs and Puppies?


Rimadyl Dosing Chart

Rimadyl is a popular drug that is typically prescribed to dog suffering from arthritis and joint problems, although it can also be used to treat inflammation and to relieve pain after surgical procedures. Most of the time, Rimadyl is prescribed by veterinarians and you do not need to be concerned about accurate dosing as your vet will take care of such issues, but for those who wish to save money and buy Rimadyl online, what is the accurate Rimadyl dose for dogs and puppies?

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Rimadyl is also known as Carprofen. The drug is manufactured by Pfizer and can be purchased from veterinarians or online pet pharmacies. For first time usage, Rimadyl should always be prescribed through a veterinarian as blood tests are essential to ensure the dog is not suffering from pre-existing health conditions that could react adversely with Rimadyl.

However, for those dogs that have shown no ill effects or unwanted side effects from taking Rimadyl, it is possible to buy Rimadyl from online suppliers and save money in the process. For older dogs, Rimadyl can be successfully used to treat the symptoms of debilitating arthritis and joint problems, but giving Rimadyl to any dog long term is likely to be an expensive process.

What is the accurate Rimadyl dosage for Dogs and Puppies?

Of course it is always advisable to use Rimadyl prescribed by your vet as you then have access to long term aftercare and associated checkups for your dog, which is very important when using Rimadyl. Regular blood tests should always be carried out on any dog taking Rimadyl long term as there is a high risk of liver and kidney damage, or gastrointestinal problems such as stomach ulcers or internal bleeding.

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If you intend on purchasing Rimadyl online, or you wish to check the dosage instructions on the Rimadyl prescribed by your vet, the recommended guidelines for Rimadyl dosage are 1mg per 1Ib of body weight. Rimadyl is normally available in caplet form or a chewable tablet and can be purchased per tablet, or in larger amounts.

What are the side effects of Rimadyl?

Rimadyl is very effective for the treatment of arthritis in dogs, but since the drug was first released in 1997, there have been a number of recorded side effects and fatalities resulting from giving Rimadyl to dogs. The exact figures are unknown, but the numbers of dogs suffering from serious side effects from Rimadyl is high enough to be of concern to pet owners, so if your dog has been prescribed Rimadyl, you must keep a close eye on the animal and seek veterinarian assistance immediately if you are at all concerned.

Known side effects of Rimadyl to watch out for are abnormal thirst or not drinking anything, dark stools or vomit containing blood, unsteadiness, lethargy, seizures, jaundice, and a general sense that your previously healthy dog is now rather unwell. In some cases the symptoms of a bad reaction to Rimadyl can come on very quickly, but in other cases the symptoms can develop over a few days or weeks, so it is important to be vigilant at all times.

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  1. Vet today prescribed Rimadyl for my 83 # german shepherd
    He did not suggest doing any blood work before starting the drug.
    Should I see another vet? Dosage he gave me is 150 mg a day.

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