What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

Side Effects Of Rimadyl In Dogs

Rimadyl was released by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in 1997 as a new “wonder drug” treatment for arthritis and joint problems in dogs. However, although Rimadyl is very effective in reducing inflammation and pain in affected dogs, it is now known to cause a number of potentially serious side effects in dogs, particularly the Labrador retriever breed of dog.

Before being prescribed Rimadyl, it is very important that a veterinarian runs blood tests on your dog to rule out any underlying health problems that could lead to a reaction with Rimadyl. If the results indicate that the dog might already have impaired liver function, use of Rimadyl should be ruled out immediately as it could lead to serious illness or death. Dogs with kidney disease or bleeding disorders should also not be prescribed Rimadyl.

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What are the Rimadyl side effects in dogs?

The majority of dogs suffer no side effects from taking Rimadyl, but a small minority unfortunately DO experience serious side effects as a result of taking the drug, so it is very important that you are vigilant at all times and monitor your dog for signs or symptoms of a potentially life threatening reaction to Rimadyl. For reasons as yet unknown, Labrador retrievers are particularly at risk of serious side effects cause by Rimadyl and should not be prescribed Rimadyl.

Side effects of Rimadyl include:

Within a time frame of one to three hours the following symptoms can become visible in your dog with respect to how much Rimadyl was administered to your dog.

Symptoms to watch for are:

  • A loss of appetite and unwillingness to drink
  • Changes in urination patterns: sweet smelling urine, blood in the urine, and/or urinating far more than usual
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Vomit or stools containing blood
  • Changes in skin, including scabs, redness, itching
  • Change in normal temperament: lethargy, drowsiness, restlessness, aggressiveness, hyperactivity
  • Stumbling, staggering, partial or full paralysis
  • Seizures
  • Dizziness
  • Jaundice: yellow whites of the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes
  • Death
  • The side effects of Rimadyl are mostly attributable to liver, kidney, and gastrointestinal problems: in some dogs, Rimadyl causes ulceration and bleeding in the gut, damage to the kidney function, and liver failure due to Hepatotoxicity, all of which are potentially fatal.


    Side effects of Rimadyl can occur with hours of taking the drug, which is why pet owners must be extremely vigilant once Rimadyl has been administered to their dog. In other dogs, adverse symptoms do not appear until a few days have passed. Initially the dog might seem a little off colour—perhaps off its food and more lethargic than normal.

    What should I do if my dog appears to be suffering from Rimadyl side effects?

    If your dog has been given Rimadyl and you suspect it has had an adverse reaction to the drug, there are a number of steps you should take without delay. Firstly stop giving Rimadyl to your dog immediately, and then take the dog to your veterinarian clinic and tell them you suspect Rimadyl toxicity is the culprit. If the adverse effects of Rimadyl are caught quickly enough, the right course of treatment can be given and the dog should recover. However, it is a good idea to keep accurate records of your dog’s symptoms and treatment in the event that you need to make a claim against Pfizer for a refund of your veterinarian expenses.

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    1. I just started administering Rimadyl to my golden retriever. He is 13 yrs old. He seemed to have trouble moving around, I brought him to the vet and she perscribed Rimadyl. A week later he is acting very odd. He is biting himself all over, he won’t or can’t relax. He lies on the floor but won’t put his head down. He stares into space. He had none of these symptoms prior to taking the Rimadyl. He can move better but barely moves. Just stands in one place or lays in one place moving periodically to get comfortable and stares into space. I think I will dc the Rimadyl and see if his behavior improves

      1. How is your dog doing now? I have a 13 year old lab and has experienced changes in skin, including scabs, redness, itching. Interested to know what you did or what happened with your lab?

        1. My curly coat retriever was given rimadyl for a swollen foot which was causing him pain, he only has had one and within about 4 hours his face started to swell up especially around his nose and around his eyes and also has awful diareaha sorry spelt wrong. Called the vet wasn’t to concerned and is calling me in the morning after reading this article I feel being a retriever he should never of had this medication I’m very worried. Did any one else’s dog get facial swelling?

          1. Annette, facial swelling means that your dog is allergic to Rimadyl. The facial swelling of the lips and face happens to some humans who take NSAIDs (which Rimadyl is) especially advil and aleve. There’s no way your vet could tell ahead of time that your dog was allergic, but you should stop giving your medicine immediately.

            1. Hi Maryann, how has your German Shepard done since the overdose of Rimadyl? I would love to know anything you can tell me about what worked or didn’t work in your case. I had to leave two of my dogs tonight at an emergency clinic to have the same process of flushing with fluids performed for at least 24 hours. Apparently the only solution to the pollution is dilution. One of my dogs is a 35kg English Chocolate Lab, and the other is an 8kg Cockapoo. The number of Rimadyl eaten was about 30-35 chew tablets that were 100mg each. The cockapoo unfortunately began projective vomiting while we were at the vet with the lab – we thought there was no way in the world the smaller dog could have even gotten the cap off, but the vomit was without a doubt composed of a sandy looking material with the exact same texture and color of the chewable form of Rimadyl. I can’t stand not knowing what’s going to happen!

            2. My eight year old miniature schnauzer just went through this just like your german shepherd. She is out of the hospital now. She had to have iv fluids and a transfusion. We are watching her very closely and are at blood tests every two weeks for right now. This has been awful.

              Damn these drug companies who lie and cheat just for money.

          2. Anette

            What ever happened to your dog when you took him off.

            We put our lab reteriver on 11/1 in the evening. On the mornng of 11/2 he had a golf ball size lump over his eye we thought was a bee sting. His nose and around his eyes swelled up by 11/3.

            As of yesterday we took him off Rimadyl and are trying to find out from other sources what we should do.

            Did the swelling go down on it own?

        2. Did you resolve the problems with your lab? I have a 12 year old lab with the same scabs and restlessness after starting Rimadyl.

        3. My Yellow Lab has been itching for months, we have had her to the vet numerous of time, given all kinds skin relief itch meds, Genta spray, Miconosol and antibotics No one mentioned about Rimadyle and I did not realize until I looked on the computer just now. She is 12 years old, taking Lasix, stilbestrol, Keflex, Rimadyl, and Butler Schein, Synovial Support Supplement. Also advised to use Oatmeal shampoo and Pyoben medicated shampoo for bath every week for the next several weeks.

          Please advise me, could any of her other medicines cause the skin break out, or just the Rimadyl. What would be a safe medicines to replace the Rimadyl?

          Thanking you in advance for any help, she has been suffering a long time. I feel so stupid, I never thought about the Rimadyl, I thought I was helping by reducing her pain. Annie

          1. I would stop the rimadyl ASAP. My mastiff has horrible skin itchiness the minute she takes it. Your poor baby. Try large doses of fish oil too

          2. Annie, any one of the medications that your dog is on could be causing her itchy skin. The only way you can tell if you stop them one by one and see if it stops. Or if your dog was never itchy before and then started getting itchy shortly after starting a new drug then its very likely that he/she is allergic to that drug and should be given an alternative. I am a pharmacy technician and I see this all the time in humans too. They start a new drug and have symptoms of an allergic reaction like itching, hives, swelling, redness, skin irritation etc.

          3. STOP the Rimydl asap!!! It caused a huge open ulcer in our Labs stomach, which resulted in surgery and extensive care afterwards. I would never ever give my pet another dose of this lethal drug after extensive research. Check out Dr.Dan the natural pet vet I met him at the equrine affair in OH. He has nothing good to say about Rimydl.

          4. My dog after having been on rimadyl a week is suffering coordination loss- headed to vet in the morning- is there anything I can do to help detox him? He is only four years old and was healthy- vet put him in rimadyl for elbow injury and arthritis- I am worried sick now

            1. My 5 yr. old golden retriever was put on Carprofen for 5 days for injured leg. 3 days after he went off carprofen he started falling, head leaning to the right, nystagmus, loss of balance. Vet says he was not on carprofen long enough for side effects. Inner ear infection was a possibility for loss of balance. He is back on it for leg injury, off for MRI tomorrow as other condition is still the same. Could this be from carprofen! Worried sick!

        4. My 12 year old yellow lab has been on Rimadyl treatment plan, however, I noticed the scabs and hair loss with the scabs. He had been licking, scratching etc and is appetite increased. I recently took him off of it (been 2 days) just in time for his yearly check up.

          1. Has he skin problems and hair loss improved. Just took my dog off the pass 3 days. How long before the hair grows back?

        5. My dog had those skin problems with itching , redness, etc. I took her to a dermatologist
          to a veterinary hospital and it was a classic case of thyroid problems. Once treated with a special skin shampoo from the specialist she is fine. She must take 1 thyroid pill twice a day for the rest of her life. My dog is a lab and is 91/2 years old now. We found her problem when she was 7 yrs. old.

      2. My Woody is having the same behavior. He actually stares into space or at the walls and cries. Certainly doesn’t seem to be getting any relief, he never cried before the drug. My lab is only 3 1/2 but has suspected elbow dyslplasia waiting for final x-rays. This is exactly what I was looking for. I’m stopping the Rimadyl, luckily he’s only been on it less than a week.

      3. My beautiful neufie flat coated retriever Buddy Bear starting bleeding around 6am could not find a vet to come out and put him out of his misery finally got him to vet at 7:30am and had him put to sleep. It was horrible I miss him so much. Be careful with rimadyl. He was on the drug for six days he had high liver levels prior. I wish I had known

      4. Our 10 yo Springer Spaniel has been on Rimadyl for 2 – 3 months. She has scabs on her back and l area that must be very itchy because she keeps going after that particular area. We’ve noticed these skin issues since being on Rimadyl. We were going to take her to the vet tomorrow but instead she is going to taken off this drug. She has terrible arthritis in her front legs so we will have to investigate other alternatives. The vet didn’t seemed concerned about the skin issues……that bothers me.

      5. My 15 1/2 year old English Setter was put on Rimadyl because of arthritis in her rear legs. (I also have her on Glucosamine, which works awesome!). Due to her old age, I thought she was just in discomfort and would pant heavily and just pace the floors. She started staring at the wall, her hind legs started collapsing while she was eating, and she was walking crooked bumping into everything.
        My husband and I came to terms with the fact that she is old, and even the Rimadyl isn’t helping her. We decided it was in her best interest if we put her down. So we had an appt for Friday for her to be put down. On Monday, I ran out of her Rimadyl. By Wednesday night I noticed she was more calm, not restless or panting, and wasn’t walking crooked. Thursday, an even more improvement. How could we put her down if we are starting to see an improvement in her. Thursday night we cancelled the appointment. It is now Saturday night and I thank God I ran out of Rimadyl. If I didn’t, my beautiful girl would be gone. DO NOT put your dog on Rimadyl!!! I will be writing a letter to Pfizer letting them know how it almost killed my beautiful girl.

        1. This is exactly what is happening to our mastiff. He’s 11 years old and came up lame just walking in the park yesterday. He’s on Rimadyl twice a day. last night I gave an additional dose with the lameness and he got worse. This morning he’s a little better. I stopped the rimadyl and hope to see more improvement today and tomorrow. He’s a very happy boy and has no lack of appetite and still wanted to go for his walk this a.m. We left him home while we walked the others and he was able to do all his business outside this a.m. I will keep a close watch on him.

        2. This sounds just like my 11 year old Dioji. He’s been on carprofen sincefor 6 days. Yesterday and today I noticed he is walking around drunk almost. He can’t stand up or turn or even put his foot down. We have a follow up appointment in 2 days we stopped the medication and are hoping he will come out of it soon

        3. That is what is happening to my dog. Thank you for posting. She has only been on it for a week and she has everything that you stated.

        1. Joe our bullmastiff was neutered and came home with carprofen Thursday. Had it at vet Thursday. We gave him 2 doses on Friday. Saturday morning throwing up. Discontinued it. Sunday blood all in his bed from his rectum area. Neutering area was fine, no fever. Went to animal hospital. Bloody diareah vomiting. They gave us famotidine and sucralfate and Hydrated him Within 12 hour between doses he ate a little and drank water no blood . 2 hours before 2nd dose. Vomited and bled from rectum again. Watered down blood. Went back to hospital. They gave him shot of cerenia to stop vomiting for 24 hours sent pills home to use as needed. He has no appetite. But I think he is exhausted. Sleeping (I am monitoring his breathing). Now has flipped over on his back with 4 legs up like he does. I believe his body is starting to relax finally. No appetite still. Not drinking water. He is 2 years old 125#. Sleeps most of 15 hours a day when healthy. No sleep last 2 days for none of us. Is this the right counter action for him from the carprofen. Hard for me to tell if he is exhausted and recovering or getting more larthagic. No diareah or vomiting all night No blood.

      6. My dog was on Rimadyl for about eight days and has been off for a day. Still has same symptoms. Stands in one place and stares into space and doesn’t put his head down when he lies on the floor. I hope this isn’t permanent.

    2. My little minpin just turned 4 Jan 11 2012 SHE was given Rimadyl for pain aftter a tunor was removed by side of her eye NOW she started urinating while she was asleep on my bed or on my lap and NEVER did she do this before . I called Vet they said it was most likly NOT caused by the Rimadyl But I reserched it and. URIINATTING PROBLEMS ARE LISTED AS SIDE EFFECT so I stoped this meds we will see.ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM

      1. My 14 year old golden was on rimadyl for about a week before we took her off it. Improved joints at first then apnting, vomiting, urination while sleeping and confusion. This weeks tests show diminished organ ( kidney/liver). No more rimadyl for us ever. Our friends 10 year old golden unexpectedly dies yesterday after about a week on non steroidal anti anflammitory. RIP Riley.

        1. My Vet gave my 11 year oold rimadyl for a week for a strained leg…Sophie was limping. He knew she was in mild kidney failure. After a week, she was shivering terribly. I brought her back to Vet and her kidney values were much higher. She was put on iv fluids but kidney values continue to get worse. Her kidneys are so damaged from Rimadyl they are shot and Sophie has to be euthanized today.

          1. I just wanna tell u I’m so sorry u had to say goodbye to your great friend. My 15yr old Lab was jus put on this dangerous med a week ago, and I’m taking her off it today after reading your post. I pray you’ll find some peace. in this horrific time.

          2. My greyhound mix coon dog had tremors also, even when I cut her dosage in half. She needs it for joint pain because she is limping, so I’m backing off to a quarter of the dose. Can’t believe some vets don’t know all the side effects of Rimadyl after reading the testimonies. I think there is a profit to be made by vets sponsoring the pharmaceutical companies! That’s the medical industry for ya!

            1. My 12 yr. Old lab was on Rimadyl for about 7 months.I came home one day and he didn’t greet me.I found him in my sons room and couldn’t get up.when he finally was able to get up he was walking backwards, circling and seemed paralyzed. Then he started to shake and teeth were chattering. Rushed him to vet.Vet says it was a seizure but not from rimadyl.However, I disagree. His liver enzymes doubled from 3 months ago.I took him off despite what vet said.He is improving greatly.If they want liver enzymes checked every 3 months, then why are vets saying its not from Rimadyl? It can’t be safe if then.

          3. Susan, your vet is obviously incompetent. Putting a dog on Rimadyl that has even mild kidney failure is totally wrong. Your vet should already know that the manufacturer and FDA say NOT to give Rimadyl to any dogs with one iota of kidney or liver problems. Being a pharmacy tech for humans, even I know that. Your vet is completely at fault for your dog’s passing.

        2. My 9 year old dauschund was prescribed Rimadyl, after I gave it to him he started panting very heavily and it sounded like his throat was closing. I called the vet and they were out of the office because of an ice storm we had where I live, she told me to give him a benadryl. this medicine killed my dog 2 hours later and he bled out. Please do not give this to your dogs!!! I am so heartbroken over this.

          1. I have 9# dach/chi mix. Just dx with IVDD Sunday jan 4,2014. Was prescribed rimadel 2x
            Per day. Now I am questioning this medication.

        3. 7-21-2015 vet prescribed RIMADYL for luxating patella. Give with food. She is 12 lb.4 oz pom. 2 P.m.fed her & gave her prescribed dose of 25 mg. 3:30-4 a.m 7-22-15. Vomiting. 12 P.m. 7-22-15 Vomiting. Never again. This will go in the trash as I suspected after much debate at home….the vet knows she has(had) ITP, & prednisone was prescribed, after that Debacle” & serious issues, we weaned & tried Vitamin K, which was effective. & continued use for over a year. Despite the vets insisting ” You Will Kill Her” look doc, I love Bella for Free, You charged me big bucks for your time, I would seriously question who is invested more in a sick animal. I assure you it’s Not Me. She is once again, sicker under the care of the vet. That ends again. Now

      2. Rimadyl was prescribed by my vet after she started to have hip (joint problems); 8 days later she became unable to stand, unstable and seeked a hiding place. After an hour or so she could not hold up her head; we rushed her to the vet hospital and she died enroute. Afterward friends told me that there has been problems with this drug. I am thinking of legal recourse as this occurance resembles other fatilities..Dave Rupert

        1. My German Shepherd 4 y.o. was put on Rimadyl this past Friday as a pain/anti inflammatory med for a lump found on her muzzle. There was no dx this was just to help with the swelling along with an anitbiotic. Today is Tuesday and she can no longer climb the stairs in our house! She was perfectly fine on Friday so far as her legs were concerned! I called the vet and they got me an appointment tomorrow afternoon….ugh. Needless to say I HAVE STOPPED the meds, not that they told me to…and her lump hasn’t changed. Hopefully I’ve caught this in time. I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story.

          1. I lost my 2 year old dobie after a misdiagnosis of arthritis and one month of Rimadyl before the ortho diagnosed her with a ligament injury. The first vet never mentioned the awful side effects of this drug. We battled liver failure for 4 months before we lost her. I miss her terribly and am so angry for this needless loss. Terrible terrible drug. Anne

            1. Anne, any dog that is put on Rimadyl for more than two weeks should have their blood check for liver problems regularly. If your vet did not recommend this then he/she is incompetent and is to blame for your dog’s passing.

              That would be like a human doctor prescribing a drug that clearly states that it should not be given to humans who already have existing liver problems or who does not tell you to get regular blood tests when the information on the drug clearly states that blood tests are normal protocol.

        2. My dog juno was given rimadyl for back problem. Within 2 hours of taking the med he had a bad seizures and by the time I made it to the vet he had a stroke. Juno was 13 and I had no idea there was a problem with this drug. I would not recommend this to anyone. Please let me know if anyone else has had this problem. Please leave me a message on my email address.

          1. Yes, as you’re now aware not just your dog had devastating side effects. I think the hardest thing is feeling responsible and as far as I can see more people will go through this. Have you completed a Suspected Adverse Effect form on the Veterinary Medicines Directorate? I lost a beautiful gentle dog and got talking today to somebody else who thinks he lost his dog needlessly. It was heartbreaking. The only way we can stop other dogs and their owners going through this is to address it. My heart goes out to you, these drug manufacturers aren’t going to respond to these issues unless they have to. Like you, if I ever knew somebody whose dog was prescribed this drug I’d advise them to think very carefully. I have so many regrets.

          2. I am officially freaking out. My lab just had surgery to remove a mass from his tail. They advised me to give him a dose of Rimadyl when we got home. I did and now he can barely hold his head up, I had to help him stand and he’s whining.
            Needless to say he won’t be getting any more.
            Praying that this passes through his system quickly.

          3. My old dog took Rimadyl for one week before having some kind of seizure/stroke and had to be put down. My vet reassured me it was not the drug – my advise to my vet is they should keep an open mind. Coincidence maybe, but maybe not.

            1. The same with my Rocky. 12 yr boxer. He was on it for 3 mos. Vet assistant stated the least amount possible. So I gave him the least amount; he @ 100 lbs. . Same as other comments. Eventually he would walk into a corner and couldn’t back up. Then horrible seizures. Vet said not not from rimadyl. Most likely brain tumor. We put him down; now the anniversary is here and I can’t help feeling that I should have read a posting like this before. At a crisis like that, we become vulnerable and depend on doctors, at least I did. Sad lesson learned. I reserve the right to get smarter…

            2. That exact thing happened to me on Sunday. One week on the drug and a seizure then rapid decline then couldn’t walk and I had to put him down. All in 24 hours. Heartbreaking.

        3. 7-21-15 vet prescribed RIMADYL for luxating patella. 12 lb. 4 oz pom.
          2 P.m. 1 St dose of 25 mg. Given after food. Chicken & rice. 7-22-15, 3:30-4 a.m awake to vomiting. 7-22-15 12 P.m. she is again vomiting.

      3. You should look for a new vet b/c your vet is incompetent or completely lacking knowledge of the possible side effects of medications he/she is prescribing.

        Don’t think that just b/c a vet went to veterinary school and is “technically” a doctor that they can’t be incompetent or make serious mistakes. This also goes for human doctors too. None of them are infalliable.

        As a pharmacy technician I see medication mistakes from doctors all the time.

      4. Thank you, thank you for this information. My shepherd/husky/lab mix has been on Rimadyl for 4 days, after 2 days, I halved the dose instead of the 75 mg. Today he peed in the house. He had no idea he was doing it.

      5. My Border Collie was started on Rimadyl a week ago and started urinating in the bed the last two nights. I am taking her off it and going back on meloxicam

      6. My dog boxer had a perfect physical on Monday she is 91/2 a little pain in her leg I did gave her remidol as needed when they first prescribed that to her only half of the pill, because I notice she was acting weared. After the physical the doctor said that she heard a chat that results was better if given as directed 1 tablet every 12 hrs. In the tuesday or wendesday after starting her regularly she had a siezure increased to 2 the next day and 3 withing 24 hours, called the doctor and gave her seizure medicine they told me to continued the remidol I did she was acting like confused, had problems walking, seemed like staring but like she could not see, acted clumsy , could not coordinate and started to fall and stumble, I researched on my own and notice the side effects. Took her to the doctor once I stopped the medication by the next day she was alert and happy but now she is urinating while sleeping and seemed to have problems holding her pee the doctor just called me and told me that she is having problems with her liver. I feel so sad and devasted she also was panthing really bad. Please do not give the medicine unless you are sure that is not causing any damage. I thought for sure I was going to have put her to sleep, still she is not good still looks somewhat sad and problems with urinating in the house that she never did before.

      7. OK my minpin was just given this medicine she weighs 17 lbs I have to go take car in to shop and am afraid to leave her alone , any suggestions

      8. Yes, we do! My 2 year old lab is peeing herself! I got a shock and researched! Yes, it’s Rimadyl and this was the last pill she swallowed of it!!!! My poor girl.

      9. I’m having this problem now. Can’t sleep trying to figure out my Chihuahua’s problems to his urinating while sleeping & even leaking. He’s so lethargic & has no energy. For sure I’ll not give him any more of the Rimadyl.
        Your posting helped…. Thank You

        1. My 13 year old Chihuahua had dental surgery a couple of months ago and I’m pretty sure it was Rimadyl liquid i gave her for 10 days after for pain (she had 8 extractions) and now has urinary incontinence! Hoping it is only a temporary thing because it is a lot of work. Male dogs have great little “diaper bands” that velcro around the waist but female dogs are much trickier to diaper – especially skittish types like mine. This is very sad to read about all of those that lost their dogs to incompetence by vets & pfizer. 🙁

    3. Hi Pam I was wondering how you got on after stoping the Rimadyl.My Lab has been on Rimadyl for one week now and I can see a small improvment in him.However everyday at about 5.30pm he starts panting and a little confused which lasts for about one hour.I have advised my Vet this morning and he has suggested stoping the Rimadyl today and see how he is . I really do not want to put Zeek back any if I stop giving him them,but I dont want to damage him in any way.I would be very interested to see how you got on.Many Thanks Carol

      1. DONT DONT DONT put him back on. Please scroll down and read what I’m going thru…..and best of luck to you. I hope your critter gets well soon!

      1. As a phamacy tech I can tell you that elderly dogs develop CHF just like elderly humans do. If your dog is over the age of 12 (about 80 years old in human years) then it probably isn’t the drug that’s causing heart problems. CHF is just a disease of old age.

        1. My male Lab developed CHF when he was 12, and he was NEVER on Rimadyl. After 9 months and about 5K in meds, I finally had to put him down… not because of his heart but because his hips got so bad.
          My female will be 13 next month and she had gotten to where she could barely get up and down, and just walked out in the yard. I put her on Rimadyl 6 weeks ago (after my awesome vet said his was on it the last 6 years of her life … and she died at 14)….. now my female is running around the yard, bouncing through the house and even chasing the ball – provided I don’t throw it too far. I would rather have her 6 more months feeling this good than 2 more years like she was. Now it is all about quality over quantity!

    4. My dog was diagnosed with Shar Pei fever and started Rimadyl last night. She also wet the bed during the night! Unfortunately, it was not her bed, but ours!
      Other than that she seems like her old self. No other side effects .

    5. Before starting a pet on Rimadyl for arthritis, check out the Veterinary Chiropractic Association website for a DVM list by state of DVM’s trained in chiropratic. The list also includes DC’s (Doctors of Chiropractic) who have had special training in the animal lumbar system. The DC may want you to bring x-rays of your pet. Chiropractic care of my pets has helped me stave off the need to use Rimadyl for quite a while and then the need to use it much later was only “as needed” and not a daily regimen.

    6. Hello, I have a 13yr old lab mix and he has been on Rimadyl for 10 days and his hyperactivity and restlessness has continued to get worse, as well as licking paws panting and standing and staring at us like what is going on with me? I am stopping this medication and calling vet today to see what alternatives there are. I don’t feel the help he gets from med (which did improve his movements) is worth the extra 30 plus up and downs there are on a daily basis. I will update in a week or so, hopefully this activity reverses itself after D/C

      1. Did the vet give you an alternative drug that is working without the horrible side effects that you experienced? My lab is limping and has been on previcox which seemed to work well but was causing diarrhea and panting. I then tried derramaxx and she is having same problems plus teeth chatter and keeps hiding in my closet because that’s where she goes when she is afraid of something. She is a very active 12 yr old yellow lab and is like my child so I am desperate to find help for her.

        1. Hi so sorry to hear this. Please take your dog off of ALL pharma meds. There are so many side effects – try a pet pain management clinic that only desls in holistic medicines. I am doing this currently with my 12. 1/2 tear old golden retriever who’s started having seizures after years on Carprofen (generic Rimadyl) and the changes are amazing. The vet had put her on anti-vonvulsant meds, and she was bit doing well eith that med either. I have my dog back, with arthritis and all, amen for that. .

    7. This medicine has damaged my dog more than helped by far. It helped him recover from injury but also has cause him to bite himself so much that he has torn all his skin in places, have a weird tiredness about him, and his face and eyes are swelled. Their are more problems than benefits with this drug. Do not recommend it

    8. , on the 10th April my beautiful 5 year old Rottweiler had to be put to sleep, he had been prescribed Rimadyl on the 19th march for a limp, right foreleg.On the 9th April am, he was walking around with his teddybear in his mouth, eating & drinking as normal, within a couple of hours after having his Rimadyl with his meal at 1pm, he started to drink a lot & wee a lot, he became very lerthargic, just wanted to go in his bed. (7am 10th April ) A day that I will never forget, i attempted to put my dog out in the garden, my poor boy was staggering, could not coordinate his movements, it was if he was drunk, he just wanted to stay in his bed, he was panting very heavy, I cupped some water in my hands for him to lap up, he refused it, would not wee, would not eat barely responding to me, he was dying in front of my eyes. my dog was in fantastic health before the Rimadyl except for his limp, which was Xrayed 5 days before he had to be PTS, XRAY results were good, no bone cancer, no arthiritis, so was being treated for soft tissue injury, my god he only had a limp HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN, vet was called out to my home, my boy was in a very bad way, and had to be put to PTS. I reported suspected Rimadyl adverse reaction to Pfizer, who have paid for autopsy, i am now waiting for results.

      1. Pat,
        I took my min pin to the vet on Saturday 8/11/2012. She had seemed to have hurt her back legs,possibly an injury by my Chihuahua who is in heat. She was prescribed the same drug rimadyl. Directions were to take 1/2 tab twice daily. She had a total of 3 doses. She started vomitting, staggering and her eyes started moving back and forth as if she was spinning. After the 3rd pill I decided not to give her anymore of the medication. I was hoping the symtoms would just wear off, but sadly they worsened. I called the 24hr animal hospital and was instructed to bring her to emergency with the medication. She is currently there now receiving full blood work up, xrays, urinalysis and iv fluids. Please let me know what the autospy results revealed. I am trying to stay hopeful, but my poor little baby did not look good.

      2. I am so, so sorry for your loss. My dog is fighting for her life right now from this med that was combined with another. I’m so sorry hun……. *hugggsss from a stranger.

      3. Pat, I am so, so sorry for your loss. My dog is fighting for her life right now from this med that was combined with another. I’m so sorry hun……. *hugggsss from a stranger.

      4. First I have to say that I’m so sorry for your loss and what you had to go through with your dog. I’ve been reading here before using Rimadyl for my dog. After all of this, I think I’ll go back to sone high dose vitamin c first to see if it helps with her discomfort. I had to say, though, that if you think you’ll get an honest evaluation from Pfizer, who makes the stuff, it’s not very likely. These drug companies get their drugs approved by fudging the science in the first place. Our pets, just like we humans, are expendable for the sake of their huge profits.

      5. I just experienced the same thing with my German Shepherd. He was doing fine then got very lethargic and confused, stumbling around, then could not get up. Panting very heavy ten he died in my arms. He was great health except for developing a limp. I think this medicine killed my Yogi.

        1. This took place at 3 am we don’t have emergency vet service. I was just trying to get him to hold until the clinic opened.

        2. I think it killed my dog as well. Very heavy panting and then he was bleeding from the mouthand just died. The vet didn’t tell me about any side effects.

          1. We just buried our 15 year old dog on Friday. He had some difficulty walking and my husband to him to he vet. He also was having difficulty controlling his bowel movements and kidneys. The vet prescribed Rimadyl. I had no idea of the side effects. He was eating fine before he went. He didn’t seem to have the appetite he usually did. On Wednesday, he was lying on the floor and started to shake and his legs went straight out. He weren’t sure what had happened to him but when we took him to the vet she said he had a seizure by Friday he couldn’t event get up. My husband took him to the vet and she told him his back legs were done. We had him put to sleep. I thought he seemed to be worse after we had given him the medicine but did not know of any side effects and he was fifteen. I attributed it to old age. We had taken him to different vets.

          2. Hi Lynn, My dog Miracle passed away also. My mom and I took her in to get fixed on May 30, 2014. She was prescribed Rimadyl for her pain. I wasn’t told all of the side effects of Rimadyl. I was told 2 of the side effects which was could cause vomiting and / or diahrea. She was panting heavy a little bit of blood came out of her mouth and then passed away on May 31, 2014. Every thing happened so quick I didn’t make it to the emergancy vet with her. She was the best dog I have ever had. I still miss her and love her a lot to this day.

            1. It’s like reading my own story. Best dog I ever had, happened so quick, from healthy dog to PTS. 8 days on Rimadyl. Not told about side effects. So very sorry.

    9. 14 year old poodle using rimady just one dose went blind over night now has an eye deteroating . Healt seems really good, eats well, but blind. Has this happened before to any one

      1. Hi James,
        I just noticed my poodle mix seems to be going blind, with close up being the worse. Please tell me your poodle’s sight has come back?

      2. James,

        I am hoping this reaches you. My shepherd went blind over night on the second day of rimadyl. Please write me if you receive this….we are feeling desperate!

        Louise Simonson
        [email protected]

    10. My 10yo Rottweiler was prescribed Rimadyl for suspect arthritis in her right shoulder. In the past she was given Rimadyl after for ACL surgery and it worked wonders for the pain. Since it worked will for her in the past and since she is older and having some minor pain when going for short walks/hikes, (mind you we used to walk 8 miles a day, we are down to 1/2 mile walks and she’s lame)….Rimadyl worked wonders for her shoulder discomfort. She has now been on this medication for about 3 months. Just recently I have started to notice stumbling and staggering when she walks and partial paralyzing of her left rear leg. She has NEVER had this issue before. She does not seem to be in any pain, however after a short walks down the road she starts to stagger and then falls on her rear. Embarrassed, she will not have me help her she tried to get up in a hurry but cant seem to move her back leg. I’ve had suspicions about taking medications and their side effect and have been watching her. I just now took to the internet to see if there were other side effects that I did not find on Rimadyl’s site or what the Vet has not told me. We have already done a full screen of liver functions and all is perfect. Rimadyl seems to be the only culprit that I can think of. I am going to STOP having her take this medication IMMEDIATELY. I will be contacting my vet 1st thing in the morning…..I cant and wont have my dog taking this medication anymore.

      1. Hi kalen,
        Sorry to hear about your dog,fortunately you had the good sense to take your dog off this med.
        My dog is an 11 yr old shepherd/chow mix,I got him from the pound when he was 6 mos. old.He has always been a rough and tumble type of dog,he has hiked with me all over the country. A 15 mile hike in the summer,carrying his own pack was nothing for him.
        About a year ago he starting losing the fur on his tail and was in pain,vet said it was thyroid problem with arthritis also…he prescribed him soloxine and rimadyl.
        Buddy did great for about a week and then on a very hot day he started staggering and falling down…I attributed this to his age and possible heat stroke,put cold towels on him and a fan and he recovered nicely.
        About a week later, he exhibited the same problems only much worse and he never was outside,stayed in the a/c all day.He could not walk or even stand…constant panting all night and confusion.
        Ultimately he has pulled throughand is regaining function day by day,its been 3 days and he can walk now but still stumbles alittle,he can pe and poop and is eating and drinking normally now,DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG THIS DRUG,I ALMOST KILLED MY DOG…TWICE!!I feel so bad about it!!I should have known better,all of these episodes happened within 3 or 4 hours of taking rimadyl.Hpoe this helps.

      2. See my testimony above. My coon dog also exhibits signs of paralysis in the left hind leg with a staggering gait, narrow base of support, and still limps on her front right leg. Don’t know if its from the brown dog tick ehrlichia or the Rimadyl.

    11. It is now too late for my rottie Max and I as he was euthanized today. On July 30 he was diagnosed with bone cancer and was prescribe rimadyl. I have always been suspicious of the side effects of drugs but reluctantly gave him as I couldn’t bear to think that my baby was in pain. Within the last two weeks Max’s tummy started to swell, today August 31 the vet extracted fluid from his stomach and discovered it was full of blood. Given the cancer and this complication that surfaced, I have to make a tough decision to put my boy to sleep, he would have only been 2 years in November! Max had all the symptoms noted by others in this forum since taking rimadyl, restlessness, heavy panting, reduced appetite, etc. It just hurts too much, I miss my baby.

      1. oh sweetie, my heart goes out to you. We put so much trust in our vets and doctors and don’t find out until something dramatic happens that they screwed up. I’m so sorry for your loss … my dog is fighting for her life right now..she’s been in ICU for a week. And she’s so special. I’m so sorry for your loss …. *huggggsss to u too from a stranger in pain.

      2. Sorry for your loss Anndanelle! My vet suspects bone cancer too with my coon dog, but was more recently diagnosed with Ehrlichia, so I’m treating with Doxycycline and Rimadyl, and chose on my own to cut dosages way down due to the side effects and substancial weight loss. Euthanasia was the best choice for your dog. There is a quality of life euthanasia scale on line to score when making that decision objectively.

    12. I was recently told by a research chemist that administering aspirin to a dog while it is on Rimadyl will cause a fatal reaction within hours. She recommends waiting 3 weeks of detoxing from Rimadyl before administering aspirin. Obviously, ecotrin coated aspirin if it works against canine arthritis is a better alternative with less side effects.

      My Vet refutes the chemist’s claim of the severe reaction to aspirin. Has anyone come across this before?

      1. My vet said “absolutely not” when I asked if I could give my dog aspirin or tylenol. “Not even baby aspirin” he said.

      2. I was giving 1/4 baby aspirin to my chihuahua for arthritis. Vet said stop and give Rimydal. I did. She started stumbling and holding head sideways and back legs became paralysed. I thought she was having a stroke. I gave her 1/4 baby aspirin. The next day started range of motion therapy myself on her back legs. I stopped the Rimydal and continued 1/4 baby aspirin daily. It has been 2 weeks. She stopped the stumbling in 2 days and her legs improved in 2 days. She is 13 y/o. I will give her baby aspirin as needed for arthritis and WILL NEVER give her Rimydal again.

      3. YES after being on this medication for nerve damage in a leg i was told to give her aspirin because she was arthitic she was put down yesterday because of the side effects. lesson learned the hard way

      4. DO NOT give your dog any form of aspirin or ibuprofen. I just went through this with a friend who’s dog died from ibuprofen side effects. It can and will burn holes in their stomachs and cause organ failure. He died within two days of administration. It is a slow and painful death and it is NOT worth the risk by any means. DO NOT DO IT PLEASE.

    13. On August 27 my dog 9 1/2 year old Shepard mix was unable to walk. This was something she was having trouble with. She was 106 Lbs and a large dog, but not fat just big. She was walked every day but was diabetic and on insulin. We took her to the vet. He gave her 100 mg Rimadyl four times. X rays were taken and her lungs, heart spine looked good. Only arthritis in her knees. Vet said she was otherwise in good health.. She was able to walk a little for 2 days. We took her home and gave her 2 more doses. On August 30 she stopped eating wouldn’t get up and looked depressed. We were told to continue to give half of her insulin and stop the Carprofen 75 mg. which we did. She would eat small amounts of chicken or liver but refused her food. We notified Vet again. On September 2 she was short of breath, black vomit, blood coming out of her rectum unable to get up, panting, unable to drink. Vet started an I V and she died. New x rays showed her lungs filled with fluid. Was this drug ever tested on diabetics? This does not make sense as she never should have died so young and suffered so. Vet said her heart just stopped. This would never have happened if she wasn’t given that medication. Now I have to live with this. I have the X rays as proof.

    14. My 13 yr old dog, eva was prescribed Rimadyl for osteoporosis of her hips and severe arthritis in her joints. In the past month she eats infrequently and tiny portions and began throwing up. She has lost at least 6-7 lbs and I am worried constantly.
      she has been off Rimadyl for one week. Eva is no longer throwing up, but she won’t eat. Has anyone experience in how his or her dog regained their appetitie?

      I am hesitant to trust her vet. I feel disheartened that they prescribed Eva rimadyl and did not warn me of the side-effects. Also, as eva is 13 my vet is always discussing the end. I truly just want to help eva and would like to know if there is hope.

      1. Our Candy girl is 13 1/2, choc. lab. Vet started her on Rimadyl about a yr ago.
        Ran a complete check on her organs before taking it. Everything was fine. The Rimadyl helped tremendously with her arthritis. Up until last 2 months, she has had no visible side effects. What I’ve noticed is heavy panting at night, and at times just seemed to be too tired to move during the day, (which I contributed to her age) but my biggest concern is her appetite. It has decreased a lot. There would be some days when she wouldn’t eat at all. I have finally contributed it to the Rimadly.
        After almost a week of not taking it, (giving it to her) she has eaten much better the last day and 1/2. I’ve been reading all these concerns and problems this morning and am so upset about the side effects that everyone is having. I don’t think I will give her it anymore, but without it I feel she is in pain with her arthritis. I don’t know what else to give her with out causing other problems.

        1. Try diatomaceous earth FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH it must be FOOD GRADE.
          Lots of people say it helps with arthritis for their dogs and has many other benefits without these nasty side effects. It is inexpensive too and all natural.

    15. Okay freaking out after reading all these. Just home from the vet just gave my dog her 1st dose of Rimadyl & wondering if there is a way I can get her to throw it up!?? She has a leg problem as well .. this is suppose to help reduce the swelling & stop pain. Anyone have a good experience!? Why are they still prescribing this!?

    16. My 8 year old Rottweiler was given Rimadyl a few months ago because she’s been having trouble getting around. At first, the Rimadyl seemed to work well but in the last month, my husband and I noticed she is starting to stumble when she walks and seems to have trouble with coordination. My husband said it’s like she’s drunk or something. She never had any problems like that before. Her blood and urine tests before she was given the Rimadyl came out fine. I have discontinued giving it to her as of last week, and I won’t get the prescription refilled. I will call the vet and see if there is something else that doesn’t have the side effects that this drug seems to have. Also, my condolences to anyone who has lost their dog possibly because of this drug.

        1. Please be very cautious in giving Metacam to your dog. Our Molly, 95 lb 13 year old Lab, took Metacam for about a year. She woke up vomiting early one morning. After several X-rays it was determined that she had a tumor on her spleen. During surgery to remove her spleen the surgeon discovered a large ulcer on her stomach which was the cause of the vomiting. Thankfully, Molly has fully recovered from surgery and the tumor was benign but it was tough going for awhile. In post op consultation the surgeon said the ulcer was absolutely caused by the Metacam and to stop giving it to Molly immediately. Our other Lab, 9 year old Daisy, has been taking Rimadyl daily for about 2 years. It has helped ease the discomfort of her arthritis but having read so many sad stories on this post I am wondering what I can use to substitute for Rimadyl. We have Daisy’s liver function tested every 3 months, so far so good. Without Rimadyl she doesn’t want to go for the walks that she dearly loves. What do I do now? Daisy gets acupuncture and cold laser treatments every week but still needs something for pain. Trauma doll helps but makes her lethargic.

    17. Rimadyl was prescribed for my Tennessee Treeing Brindle after she was hit by a pickup truck, which resulted in bruising, but no broken bones, and no signs of internal bleeding. About an hour after administering the Rimadyl today she began panting, her haunches were shaking, and she was glassy eyed. I thought it was because the medication hadn’t started taking effect yet, instead of the effect of the medication. She jumped up and wanted to pee. She had been refusing water, which was a huge concern, and I had begun spraying and pouring water at regular intervals. I panicked when I saw blood in the urine, and thought it was because of internal injuries that were just now becoming apparent. After reading about the side effects, I think these symptoms are probably side effects of this medication. The vet never mentioned there might be a problem. They’ll hear from me tomorrow. Pfuck Pfizer! This is scary. I would never take medication or administer medication to my child without reading about side effects, but I gave this to my sweet dog without reading up on it because I was still in a traumatized state and so relieved at being told that she was going to be alright. Now I’ll be detoxing her immediately. Thank you so very much for this information. Everyone must be warned. I hope I’ve caught it soon enough.

    18. My pitt bull/black lab was given rymidal for a ACL and he broke out on his tail and anal area, became loopy or spacey and stopped eatting. He was on it for a week. I hope he recovers from the drug effects soon!

    19. My 10 year old lab was prescribed rimadyl for a knee injury. After 12 days on the medication he is refusing to eat and drink and has been vomiting for 3 days. I have stopped the medication. Can this medication cause ulcers? Im worried he could have liver damage.

      1. YES!!!! it can (and does in most cases) cause ulcers and it is extremely hard on the liver … especially if he’s on medication for anything else. My dog is fighting for her life right now…she’s been in ICU for a week.

    20. My 5 year old Lab/staff cross dog Busta was seen by our vet on the 20th September 2012 for slight pain in his leg (possibly muscle pain), and was given Rimadyl and Tramal. Busta got very drowsy, so we told the vet, he said to take him off the Tramal. After 3 days the symptoms were still present and now Busta will not eat and just sleeps all day. His symptoms include being tired, not eating, not drinking much, staring into space, can’t get comfortable, depression and fainting. Today the 24th September 2012 I stopped giving him the Rimadyl. We are keeping a close eye on him now, but his health is deteriorating. I wish to god that I had never started giving this drug to my poor boy. This drug should be taken off the market.

    21. DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG THIS MEDICINE! It made my Lab really sick to the point of throwing up, barely wanting to eat, low energy and made her one liver enzyme sky rocket. The range for the ALT liver enzyme is between 0-100. Anna`s ALT liver enzyme level was 7,260.

      1. Hi all, my dog Thunder, was prescribed Rimadyl by the vet for pain after he was neutered last Friday. He is 9 months old. Well ever since we brought him home he has had HORRIBLE diahrrea and now started vomitting. I stopped the Rimadyl on Sunday night but he is still sick. He is currently at the vet getting checked out. Keep your fingers crossed for him. Oh and by the way, he is half lab and half beagle.

    22. Hi,

      I have a 13 year old dalmatian and she has arthritis in her spine. When we first found out we gave her Rimadyl and she has been using it for months. We are in the process of looking for a new pain reliever for her and can’t decide. She hasn’t thrown up or urinated or had blood in her stool. She has stared at us for long periods of time and know I suspect Rimadyl might be the cause. The vet couldn’t say it was the drug so I’m not sure what causes it. She does stumble a little when she walks. She’ll be sniffing something and her front leg just kind of gives out on her and she ends up on her chest. Luckily she always gets right back up. When she wasn’t on medicine she was very stiff and still seems stiff but doesn’t seem to be in such pain. The vet did a blood test to check her internals and found the liver enzymes that show Rimadyl is negatively affecting her are normal. The vet did another liver enzyme is high and they are not sure why, so I ‘ll have to look into that. The vet also says Tramadol is another option to help with pain relief but there are risks with that drug as well. I would prefer to not give her any medication but she has pretty sever arthritis and already can’t walk down stairs and has a hard time lying down so I’m not sure what else I can do for her. I want her to age in as little pain as possible but I don’t want to do damage to her insides before her time. 🙁 She has had a good life.

      Thanks for your posts. I really appreciate the post about saying your dog stares into space or at you for a long period of time. I haven’t read that anyone else had this experience or is a symptom anywhere else on the web or from the vet so that is very helpful. Thanks.

    23. I adopted a senior dog 2 weeks ago. They said he was on Rimadyl for arthritus. I ordered the Rimadyl but had to wait 5 days to get it. During the first 5 days not on the drug he was pooping and peeing outside, wasnt over eating or over drinking. As soon as I got the Rimadyl and gave it too him he started pooping and peeing in the house, even after taking him outside a million times its like he gets the urge and cant hold it. This morning he didnt even want to get out of his dog bed. Im stopping it tonight, unfortunitly I already gave it to him:( Poor pup. Like going to a new home isnt scarey enough for him. And what a waste of $200.

      1. I am going through the same thing. Adopted a senior dog and the vet prescribed rimadyl for inflammation after his neuter. Within hours the dog can’t pee but tries constantly. Throwing up and lethargic. This is all in the side effects and I’m so mad.

    24. Our 25 pound Chug was in pain and we suspected arthritis in one leg. The vet agreed and prescribed Rimidyl, 25 mg, which she has been on for 7 days. She initially had a cortisone shot which lasted 2 days — then we started the Rimidyl. So far, she’s OK. I have noticed she’s not keen on eating dog food — but offer her fish from the table, or any human food, and she’s there. Her appetite is good. Her bathroom habits are all normal. But she is scratching to beat the band. She has had this issue for a long time but it seems it might be a bit pronounced with this drug — and I see that that’s a side effect. No fleas anywhere — just dry skin, I fear. Her painful gait is completely gone, she jumps onto & off furniture, and is feeling much more spry than before, so for that I’m thankful. I will, tho, watch for the other issues you all have brought up here. Thank you.

    25. Our 9 yr old male shepherd been on these 50mg @1/12 twice a day .. Also tramadol for shoulder injury ..he s acting daft and confused even scared of me and hubby who he utterly adores us normally ..has aged in a week even frail …

    26. My 12 yr old lab went in for a yearly exam & bloodwork, the Vet wanted to do X-rays as well so I agreed. When she got home she was very sore and could barely move, the vet said they probably aggrivated her arthritis when they streched her out for the xrays. She was put on rimadyl and I have been giving it since (about a month) she started getting finicky about eating a week into it, I thought it might be from hurting so much so i continued to give it to her. About a week ago I noticed skin issues & asked the vet about it. He was clueless as to what it was, put her on antibiotics to see if it would help. Now that I’m more informed on this drug (rimadyl) I wonder if its not the culprit behind both issues. I am stopping this drug now!!! Will call the vet Monday morning & discuss the situation. Has anyone else dealt with skin issues with this drug?

    27. my min dauchshund had been on this poison for a week. Bloody blisters varying in size that seem to appear overnight growing on the right side have appeared. I washed and the put tincture of violet on to stop the oozing and to promote healing.Why didn’t a professional warn me of these side effects??????? She is suffering from coccdiomycosis and spinal disorders as it is. She just turned six last month and now her already shortened lifespan (3yrs tops) has been devastating to all who love her. I pray she lasts another week!!!!!!!!…..10/13

    28. I have a 22 month, 67 pound, brindle Stafford she is a rescue puppy and has had bad back legs at a very birth.
      When she injured her tendons and was limping and I took her to the vet and she was given Rimadyl every twelve hours on a full stomach. It was weird how she wasn’t getting better, but at the end of the two weeks she got instantly better. Weird.
      Now again Daisy injured her back leg took her again to the vet and the vet did the liver/kidneys test which were normal. So again she was given this time 75 mg of Rimadyl every twelve on full stomach. It has been 7 days today and I noticed pee on the bed and she isn’t eating which is not like her. She is very interested in food! She is getting better, but I am going to reduce her dosage to half.

    29. I have just given my dog Piccolo one dose this morning as he is sore from 2 operations this week, he is also on Tramadol, he has been panting and salivating, after reading these threads, no more for him, he has enough problems….

    30. This did not effect my lab badly, she has arthritis, then injured her knee, we tried everything but it gave her diarrhoeal, we found cutting the medication in half or even quater, was enough to help her walk, a full does did make her restless and panting, she now been on it for 3 months, if we stop it she becomes crippled, i feel its brought sky more time, love her so much.

      1. All too often, people will only report bad things which leads pet owners to worry, sometimes needlessly. My 4 year old Lhasa has been put on rimadyl short term for inflammation of a disc in his spine, he’s been on it around 5 days and so far so good. However I’m watching him extremely closely for any adverse reactions to the drug.
        He appears to be a lot more comfortable, his happy go lucky attitude to life has returned and he’s not growling at us when we go to pick him up any more so I believe it’s helping him. He even seems to be more puppy like and wanting to run and play ( not easy when he’s supposed to be on cage rest) his appetite hasn’t changed, nor have his drinking or toilet habits. He’s only on it for 10 days then we return to the vets for a follow up to assess his condition.
        I have to add that although extremely sad to read of the bad reactions to rimadyl people’s dogs have experienced, all the dogs in question are a lot older and may have already had undetected medical issues. If it’s helping your dog that’s fantastic and like you’ve said a few skin issues is a minor side effect and your dog isn’t crippled. Try extra virgin coconut oil for the skin issues, my Lhasa has skin issues anyway, he always has had them but coconut oil has worked wonders. You can also use it topically as well as in the food. My dog takes it right off the spoon.

    31. Our 10 year old chocolate lab, Sophie was prescribed rimadryl. She has been on it about a week, and her activity level is about zero. She just wants to sleep, and will not eat. She has been throwing up as well. I can’t believe the vet did not warn us of these side effects. I feel terrible that I did not research this before giving her this drug. We have stopped giving her this drug, I just hope it is not too late. Going to the vet tomorrow, they will hear about this!! She has exhibited all the side effects of this drug and is worse than before she started it. I don’t know why the vet failed to inform us of the side effects.

    32. My boxer went to the vet yesturday due to limping on her right front leg. Diasy is 2 1/2 years old. The vet prescribed Rimadyl once a day. I gave daisy her first dose of Rimadyl that day (around 3pm), but daisy woke me up vomiting and making strange coughing noises at 4:30 in the morning. I am very concerned about this drug. I am going to discontinue immediately. The vet did not notice swollen joints or any obvious injury when prescribing Rimadyl for the limp. I will pay for x-rays and blood work before I risk my beautiful dogs life to a possible dangerous drug. I will call my vet today explaining why I am stopping this dangerous drug immediately.

    33. My 12 year old shepherd mix collapsed on her walk the other night and couldn’t get up. We took her to the ER vet and they prescribed rimadyl. She took it for 4 days and improved greatly – she is able to walk with a limp now. However, now she has really bad diarrhea so I am stopping the medication and taking her to her regular vet in the morning. I hope she is OK. Wish I had found this page before I gave her the meds. 🙁

    34. I’m surprised by the bad experiences with Rimadyl, because my dog was fine with it – but then again, he was only on the drug for a week for pain. He ruptured his right anal glad, and had to be put on Rimadyl for pain. His dose was 25 mg a day. The only side effect I noticed was he was a bit drowsy and slept for a couple hours after I administered the pill. But other than that, he ate fine and also drank water, no vomiting or abnormal stool at all.

      But as I mentioned, he didn’t take the medicine long term. I’ve heard it affects the liver quite severely, so I would assume it’s not supposed to be a long term drug. But I’m not a vet 🙂

    35. My 8 year old lab was prescribed rimadyl for lameness from an arthritic shoulder.
      Within a couple of hours of the first dose he was acting most strangely and immediately started acting strangely- he could not settle and was running around in a frenzied state. He then collapsed and panted struggling for breath and had several full on seizures. My vet said discontinue medication immediately which I did.

      I am concerned about a possible long term effect on his organs from this experience. He has not been the same since this attack and has lost weight and appears listless.. Has anyone got any suggestions?

    36. I had been giving my dog rimadyl for 1 week and noticed hot spots and him staring off into space. Took him to the vet yesterday and they said no way it was the rimadyl they said it must be something else. Last night he was having a hard time standing up without kind of losing his balance. I have had him off the rimadyl for 3 days now, he has lot 2#s and his eyes look like he is sorry for something he did wrong. He is 13 and though his front legs were weak this is no way to treat it. I just hope he gets to be OK, he had to be shaved on his hip area due to the hot spots. (he chewed himself up), now he is on other drugs. Pfizer should tell the vets to make sure they tell their clients about what could happen with this drug. I am thinking about trying to sue the Vet for non-disclosure of the side effects of this. I will be writing pfizer about it too.

    37. My Schnauzer was having some problems with her back legs and Rimadyl was subscribed. I remember checking out the side affects of this drug years ago and had forgotten all about it when it was prescribed. Now I remember how many dogs reacted poorly to it. She is now having “mini” strokes. No more Rimadyl for her!

    38. I took my dog in to the vet for a sprained kneecap or sprained tendon, he gave her Rimadyl AND steroids. NEVER NEVER NEVER let ANYONE mix those two drugs. This is commonly known throughout “vetdom”, yet he did it anyway. (I, of course, didn’t know any better. That’s what you pay your vet for…to know what you don’t.) She had been on phenobarbitol for years for seizures (which is hard on the liver and kidneys) and he DID NOT do a blood test before adminsistering the drugs. 48 hours later she was fighting for her life and, now, a week later, is STILL in ICU fighting to stay alive. The steroids suppress and can even stop the immune system, and the Rimadyl CAUSES bleeding ulcers and GI problems. PLEASE PLEASE pray for her. Her name is Zoe. If u dont believe in prayer, please send all the good thoughts you can her way. I am completely gutted by all this. I’ve had asthma attacks, panic attacks, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t do anything but worry about my dog. i just can’t lose this dog…she’s too special. Not like this. And yes … there is one HUGE lawsuit coming his way. Be careful of this stuff…especially if your dog has other issues going on. MAKE them take a blood test FIRST!

    39. I recently took my 7 year old cocker in for a knee injury…they prescribed rimadyl and two days later he had to be hospitalized. He became very anemic and was diagnosed IMHA. He died two days later for complications…i am CONVINCED this drug did this. All the vets who saw him say it is unlikely that Rimadyl caused this, but he had blood work done prior to him taking the meds and he was perfectly healthy…with hours of taking the drug he was already feeling lethargic and looked a bit wobbly…I just though his knee was hurting him…I really think that Rimadyl can trigger IMHA in otherwise healthy dogs…it is a cruel disease that is horrible for all dogs, but in particular cocker spaniels.

    40. My 100 lb Black Lab had knee surgery three weeks ago and was diagnosed with Staphkloccus Inermedius. He is on Choramphenicol and 75mg Rimadyl twice a day.
      Noted on your site that Labs are particularly susceptible to side effects from Rimadyl. Duke is very lethargic, but didn’t notice that as being a side effect, or is it?

    41. Thanks everyone for your comments. My little Chihuahua, Jade, is on Rimadyl for arthritis problems. She initially was prescribed 1/2 a pill, but I didn’t like the way the pill caused her to act (lethargic, glassy-eyed, spaced out). The vet suggested that we reduce the dose to 1/4, so we did and started only giving it to her when she appeared to be in pain. At intervals, her arm would begin to jerk involuntarily. So, we thought it was due to pain so we continued to give her the Rimadyl as needed. Her condition has gotten worst. Her front limb and rear limb shake involuntarily. Her rear limb shakes as if she is scratching uncontrollably. Her foot taps the floor uncontrollably. These episodes happen every hour through the night and several times during the day. My vet is doing blood work now and has taken her off Rimadyl. I will keep you posted, but please continue to update this page with information.

    42. DO NOT USE THIS MEDICATION! I had no idea about all of these stories, I wish I would’ve known! My mom just got home after visiting me at my university out of town and when she got back home my Maltese had blood all over the living room and his pee pad! It was dark red and he was throwing up! She called me and we didn’t know what it could be and all of these stories are making me think this is what it could be. He took this this morning and this is what my mom came home to. She rushed him to the emergency vet and they just put him on an IV for the night and are starting a blood work. I just hope he will be okay. We already have to pay $727.00 just for him to be there over night.

    43. Have a 10 year old yellow lab. Took her off this medication after three days. Panting, hyper, drooling. Back to normal after two days.

    44. Tonite I noticed Icey breathing quicker thn usual her glassy eyes I have noticed before but thought her high from rimadyl but seeing all these side affects after writting this I am throwing the rest out I will go back to my homapathic now I see she may even be a bit paralyzed her condition makes it confusing in she can’t get up easily even without rimadyl at least she’s eating and not bleeding so it stops today she is 11feb14 and I want her better Ty for listening goin to not disturb her but check on her good day to all also sorry for loses due to this horrible drug

    45. I put my 10 year old chow mix on rimadyl for moderate hip arthritis, and then gradually noticed her instability on her feet. Furthermore, her BUN rose to 61 mg/dL (normal = 6-29) and her creatinine rose to 3.0 mg/dL (normal = 0.6-1.6). Also, her ALP, GGT, and ALT dramatically rose! She showed signs of renal failure, most likely due to the administration of rimadyl. She is now undergoing 3 days of I.V. hydration therapy in an attempt to flush out these nitrogenous wastes. Truly pathetic!
      Douglas S. Shearer, Ph.D., M.D./Human Pathologist

    46. I have a 7 yr old dachshund mix. He had a problem with his back a couple of years ago and the vet treated him with cortisone, pain meds and muscle relaxers and he was fine within a few days. Several days I noticed him exhibinting the same pain syptoms but not the wobble he had before. I have moved so I took him to another vet who put him on rymadil. Two days later he was partially paralyzed and could not move his back legs. I called the vet who said over the phone that he must have a ruptured disc and there was nothing she could do. I have an appointment with another vet in 2 days (it is Saturday). I was reading the list of side effects and I saw paralysis so I am not sure his back really did go bad or is it the rymadil. I was treating him with aspirin and am debating whether to stop the rymadil and go back to aspirin.

    47. My 2 year labrador was put on 75 mg of Rimadyl twice a day for minor hind leg knee pain. After just one dose at night he had to urinate about 5 times instead of being able to hold it the whole night. Today was the the third day and though his knee seems to be out of pain he has had extreem diarea the whole day. He was in the Pet Story today and did diarea all over twice with 30 seconds. He was running out of control hitting the aisles until I could get him outside where he crapped again. I came home and looked up the side effects to Rimadyl and I dont like what i’m seeing. I will stop the giving him the drug and will call the Vet on Monday since they aren’t open on Sunday.

      1. I was wondering how your dog was doing? I took my 1 yr old mastiff to the vet for a swollen leg due to running so fast he must have spranged his leg. They prescribed him rimadyl 100mg twice a day for 5 days I only gave it to him for 3 and I stopped. But I have notice his coat has spots missing. I will be talking to my vet tomorrow.

    48. I trusted my Vet’s judgement and gave my precious Little Pug this medication- She was 7 years old and had some hip/nerve issues otherwise very active and healthy (never sick a day in her life) – the Vet preformed chiropratic treatment and gave her Rimadyl . She died a week later, she seemed to choke, cough– This was shock to my family– I have no doubt in my mind it was that medication– why are Doctors giving this medicatin–

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