What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

Side Effects Of Rimadyl In Dogs

Rimadyl was released by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in 1997 as a new “wonder drug” treatment for arthritis and joint problems in dogs. However, although Rimadyl is very effective in reducing inflammation and pain in affected dogs, it is now known to cause a number of potentially serious side effects in dogs, particularly the Labrador retriever breed of dog.

Before being prescribed Rimadyl, it is very important that a veterinarian runs blood tests on your dog to rule out any underlying health problems that could lead to a reaction with Rimadyl. If the results indicate that the dog might already have impaired liver function, use of Rimadyl should be ruled out immediately as it could lead to serious illness or death. Dogs with kidney disease or bleeding disorders should also not be prescribed Rimadyl.

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What are the Rimadyl side effects in dogs?

The majority of dogs suffer no side effects from taking Rimadyl, but a small minority unfortunately DO experience serious side effects as a result of taking the drug, so it is very important that you are vigilant at all times and monitor your dog for signs or symptoms of a potentially life threatening reaction to Rimadyl. For reasons as yet unknown, Labrador retrievers are particularly at risk of serious side effects cause by Rimadyl and should not be prescribed Rimadyl.

Side effects of Rimadyl include:

Within a time frame of one to three hours the following symptoms can become visible in your dog with respect to how much Rimadyl was administered to your dog.

Symptoms to watch for are:

  • A loss of appetite and unwillingness to drink
  • Changes in urination patterns: sweet smelling urine, blood in the urine, and/or urinating far more than usual
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Vomit or stools containing blood
  • Changes in skin, including scabs, redness, itching
  • Change in normal temperament: lethargy, drowsiness, restlessness, aggressiveness, hyperactivity
  • Stumbling, staggering, partial or full paralysis
  • Seizures
  • Dizziness
  • Jaundice: yellow whites of the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes
  • Death
  • The side effects of Rimadyl are mostly attributable to liver, kidney, and gastrointestinal problems: in some dogs, Rimadyl causes ulceration and bleeding in the gut, damage to the kidney function, and liver failure due to Hepatotoxicity, all of which are potentially fatal.

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    Side effects of Rimadyl can occur with hours of taking the drug, which is why pet owners must be extremely vigilant once Rimadyl has been administered to their dog. In other dogs, adverse symptoms do not appear until a few days have passed. Initially the dog might seem a little off colour—perhaps off its food and more lethargic than normal.

    What should I do if my dog appears to be suffering from Rimadyl side effects?

    If your dog has been given Rimadyl and you suspect it has had an adverse reaction to the drug, there are a number of steps you should take without delay. Firstly stop giving Rimadyl to your dog immediately, and then take the dog to your veterinarian clinic and tell them you suspect Rimadyl toxicity is the culprit. If the adverse effects of Rimadyl are caught quickly enough, the right course of treatment can be given and the dog should recover. However, it is a good idea to keep accurate records of your dog’s symptoms and treatment in the event that you need to make a claim against Pfizer for a refund of your veterinarian expenses.

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    1. Today is Friday. On Monday our 6 year old Scotch Collie (75 lbs-looks like Lassie) was out running around with me and my daughter while she took photographs for a college course. On Tuesday we took the dog to the vet after he threw up (we believe he got into some rabbit poo). The vet called to say she noticed during the exam that he seemed to be in pain, and had yelped when she lifted him up under his belly. She recommended an injection of Rimadyl for his pain and possible inflamation., and sent home some Carprofen (75mg) to be given twice daily, starting Wednesday morning. When we brought him home early Tuesday evening, he seemed a little lithargic-we just thought we was worn out from our unusually busy day.

      Wednesday morning I gave him the Carprofen tablet after he ate breakfast. A little later that morning we noticed that he seemed to be stumbling and was having a hard time walking. By that evening, I had to hold his collar to help him outside for his business while he leaned up against me for support. He didn’t want his dinner, so I sprinkled bacon pieces on it to get him to eat. And then I administered the 2nd carprofen. That night I asked a friend for a referral to a vet/chiropractor thinking that maybe his back was out causing the walking problems, and thankfully I found one.

      When I checked on him Thursday, he was laying on his bed, his hind legs to the right and his front legs were to the left. In front of his snout was a pile of vomit. When i tried to get him to get up he wouldn’t move. I carefully picked up his hind legs and turned them under him to the left, and then urged him to get up. He tried to left his head, but nothing else moved. I called the chiro/vet’s office for an emergency appointment. My husband and I dragged him on his bed to the back door, and the dog tried to get up, but his hind end was basically not reponding. So we lifted him into the back of our van, and took him to the chiro/vet.

      The chiro/vet was able to get him to stand and walk, although he was still nery wobbly and needed help. They treated him throughout the day, and when we got the dog home, he hobbled in and collapsed on the living room carpet. We just kept him there all night.

      This morning, Friday, he was able to get up with help and get to the back yard for business, but then laid on the floor without hardly moving. I began to go through the details of every day to see what was out of the ordinary for the dog. RIMADYL was the glaring answer. As I looked at the list of side effects, it was like a check list of what our dog was experiencing. I quickly called the chiro/vet and he said he would review Rimadyl and call me back. Within a couple of hours he had he return the dog to his office to begin a detox program, and that’s what I did.

      So now we’re back home, and my sweet dog is on his bed in the living room, and I am here close beside him, wondering if he will make it through the night. I would not have believed you if you had told me this would happen a week ago. Just this Sunday he was chasing balls and frisbees in the back yard, barking at the squirrels and passersby, and playing chase up the stairs with my son…

      This drug should have RED FLAGS all over it!! DO NOT USE!!!!

      1. Yesterday we buried our sweet friend. Blood work showed that his liver function and kidneys were okay, and so he did not die from Rimadyl. The vet believes that he had brain lesions. I believe that the Rimadyl triggered this underlying issue to surface in a vicious way, catipulting him to a death that occurred much sooner than it otherwise would have. Up until he got that shot, we had little evidence that there were issues in his health. So today I awoke to a quiet house; it will take time to get used to not having him here. Please take extreme caution before using this drug–make sure your vet has a complete history and labwork done (with results IN) before it is administered.

        1. Hi,

          I just read your posting. My 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier’s back leg is having laser treatment on it, for a torn ligament. It is working wonderful. This is instead of giving her Rimadyl. I’am so sorry about the loss of your great friend. I’m reading this about a year later, but I so appreciate though your pain and grief, you had the courage to write about your experience with this drug. You have helped me, and I’am sure many others. Thank you. Your most precious dog will always be with you in spirit.

    2. My lab has been on rimadyl for a while now after surgery for a cruciate ligament injury
      She has been acting weird this week , staring and disorientated , she has had terrible
      Diarrhoea with blood in it , the vet diagnosed colitis, can rimadyl give
      Stomach ulcers ?
      She hasn’t had rimadyl since Sunday 10 march and I don’t think I’m going to
      Put her on it again doesanyone know of an alternative natural therapy for arthritis
      In dogs

      1. Absolutely discontinue!! Go to OnlyNaturalPet.com & google alternatives. The vets only prescribe MORE meds with MORE side effects and they won’t admit that it’s the drugs that are causing any of it. Just got off the phone with a tech at my Vet office after I told them to PLEASE read this site. My 13 yr old chihuahua is now incontinent from it.

    3. My 4 year old Peekapoo was given Rimadyl for her luxating patella. She had surgery on 1/24/13 and almost immediately began omitting and diarrhea . She had been lethargic and her ALT liver enzyemes are elevated. We took her off it immediately and today 3/15/13 her enzymes are still elevated and she still vomits ever other day. This drug is toxic DO NOT Ever give to your beloved dog. Her treatment for her liver problem will end up costing us more than her surgery!

    4. We just finished burial for our English Bulldog. She was on this drug a few months for arthritis. Her lab values were normal last month. 4 days ago she woke up glassy eyed, dazed, uncoordinated. She vomited & had diarrhea. Refused to eat. Continued to drink water & urinate. Her lab liver values were elevated. She had blood in her abdomen. Her liver & spleen were impacted. She passed today and my children and I have lossed a deeply loved friend. The boys have never known a day without her unconditional love. This drug is very risky. If you have other options – choose them – before you are standing at your dogs grave. There has to be better options.

    5. Our Border Collie, Dakota, was prescribed Rimadyl and 90 days later she was dead.

      There is no doubt in my mind that Rimadyl killed our dog and best friend, Dakota. So I am writing this to inform others. We did not do enough research on the medication prescribed and instead relied on our veterinarian to make the best decision for treatment, which our family now sincerely regrets.

      Our Scottsdale veterinarian placed 13 year old Dakota on Rimadyl because he thought it was a great drug for elderly dogs. He did not run a baseline blood test at the start of treatment or any blood test during the 90 days.

      Each time we raised a red flag regarding Dakota’s physical and mental changes the vet offset it with, “the dog is old we just want to keep her comfortable.” The tragic irony is that Dakota suffered immensely, bleed out on the way to ER and again at the ER. She was in grave condition and had to be was euthanized 6 hours later.

      This could have been avoided if the proper blood work was done before and periodically during the course of treatment.

      Do due diligence I can not overstate this and to say that it is a matter of life or death is an understatement.

      In closing our Scottsdale veterinarian cause our pet’s life to be cut short and for her to suffer the last months of her life by subscripting Rimadyl and not monitoring her vital signs. Think more than twice before going down the Rimadyl path it may well be the last path you take with your best friend.

    6. My girl is half german shorthair and lab mix. She is 14 yrs. old and for the last 9 mos. is showing stiffness getting up & down and some age related arthritis. The vet says she has slight arthritis but good shape for her age and no other medical problems. I wanted to give her something to take the “edge” off and have been giving this drug. Well….she stares into space and holds it for a long time, is shakey on her feet, can’t get comfortable, wanders aimlessly around the house….and I HAVE IMMEDIATELY STOPPED THIS DRUG.
      I found a homopathic alternative on VETIONX.COM called Arthro-IonX ….check it out. Am hoping that these nasty side effects from the rimidal will go away and am watching her closely.

      1. Hi, I was wondering how your dog is recovering? I am going through the same thing now with my golden.

    7. We administered rimadyl to our 7 year old cocker spaniel who has a so call back injury. After prescribing the pill, he went from a normal active dog to a dog that stood around with and not listening to commands, nor eating, not going out to eliminate, vomiting. He is like a zombie. After checking the side effects we are pulling him off the pill immediately! Why aren’t the vets telling us the customer of the side effects prior to prescribing the meds?? Tomorrow we are requesting an X-Ray for his hip and back. No more rimadyl!!!! Ugh!!!

    8. I have an 8 year rold miniature dauschand who has a slipped disc and/or so called back problem was given Rimadyl. The fifth day on the medication I noticed that he is very lethargic, lacks coordination and is having trouble keeping his front left paw stable and stumbles. I began researching and came accross this blog. I am not going to give him anymore and call the vet tomorrow. Any other comments and/or suggestions?

    9. Our Australian Shep. mix is 13 yrs old. She recently started having trouble with her back legs being weak. The vet gave her rimadyl … she was fine the first week…but soon started panting, not eating, not walking. Just going limp and not able to stand or walk. Her skin is flaking…I thought she was dying after 3 weeks. I stopped the meds. and she is now eating and regaining her strength. Taking her to vet Monday…

      1. We are going through this now with our 13 yr old golden, Sammy. Our vet gave us rimadyl to try for her arthritis (not too bad-trouble sometimes getting up the 2 stairs on our deck) After 5 doses (2 1/2 days) she is not eating, drinking, can not get up on her own, can’t stand or walk unaided. Lethargic, and cant even keep her head up. Took her back to the vet today, he thinks its the rimadyl too and called Pfister and talked with their vets–did all kinds of tests, they are keeping her for a couple days and have her on IV’s now. Hoping for the best. Will post more as we get more info.

    10. Our 15 year GSD/Lab mix is doing well on Rimadyl. Her walking and ability to climb stairs has improved immensely. I am so happy this medication has worked so well for her. She started it a few months before turning 15.

    11. Our 14+ year old boxer/rottie mix has been on rimadyl for about a year and over the course of the last two weeks is now unable to use her back legs. Quite possible a rimadyl side effect, I hate seeing her go through this and I really hate the decisions that have to be made as a result but the reality is she’s an old dog that got a year of comfort from using it. We lost our lab/ridgeback mix last year at 13+ with a similar experience, it did wonders for her and then hind leg mobility started to fade after about 2 years on rimadyl… although in the end it was a brain tumor that took her.

      It sounds like it’s been a real problem for some but for us the year or two of comfort was well worth the possibility that it had a negative impact at the end. Not sure you can even call it a side effect after that long…

    12. My 12 yo cockapoo was put on Rimadyl for back pain. She was fine the first 2 weeks but then started having diarrhea, for 10 days now. Appetite and thirst were gone also. The vet said it couldn’t be from the Rimadyl. I brought in a stool sample…no evidence. After keeping me awake at night for 10 nights, because she has to poop every half hour, I have decided NO MORE RIMADYL!!! Hopefully she will recover….

      1. Our 12 year old Mini Schnauzer had surgery a couple of weeks ago, and was given Rimadyl for pain, He is experiencing the same symptoms your Cockapoo is having. I think it is obvious the problem is the Rimadyl, but when will vets admit it, and stop prescribing this dangerous drug? I think it is time for a petition to stop Pfizer from selling it.
        Pharma’s make drugs to make money, I don’t believe they have any real concerns for our beloved pets, who are considered members of our families.

    13. i have a 9 month old german shepherd my vet says she has hip dyplasia she was givin rimadyl and joint pills and calcium pills plus tramadol she has had exrays to sho and he wants to do surgery by taking out the ball joint and just let tissue fill in i don’t know what to do helppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

    14. My dog Spencer just passed on May 11th on our way to the hospital. He was bleeding internally and the cause of this? Rimadyl he was a beautiful 11 year old golden retriever and I have sent a letter to the vet who did this and needless to say it wasn’t a pretty letter. Please do not give your dog this drug it is a lethal and terrible medication. It should be banned from using it. My prayers and thoughts go out to all of you who have lost your babies due to this crap.

      1. So sorry to hear of your loss. I know that your story and lots of others has helped to save my 14mos. old lab’s life Thank You for posting your story! Will never give it again.

    15. I realize this article and most of the comments are dedicated to negative effects of rimadyl. However, we started using it with our 9 yr old collie and its like having his puppyhood back. He is clearly more comfortable and moves around more freely.
      We’ve been using it for about 2 months now with no observed negatives. we will have bloodwork done regularly, but that’s a small price to pay. I have regular bloodwork for the statin I take, so it seems reasonable to watch the dog’s liver function while on rimadyl

    16. My pitbull beagle mix received rimadyl after his neutering and has been using the bathroom in the house for the past couple of days

    17. Is their anything you can do to help your pet after they have had seizures after taking RIMADYL?
      Myself had a loving lab of 11 yrs.Had a Full bill of health plus praise of her muscle tone By the Dr. in Jan 2013.
      Feb of 2013 came down with bronchitus. Couple of doses of antibiotics(100″s of $ later)She was fine. This included a chest e-ray sent out to “SPECIALISTS” and a FULL BLOOD PANEL ( not the regular blood work, but exstensive blood work.
      In March brought her back for recheck. Another e-ray later pus a FULL BLOOD PANEL was done. All looked good great!
      Mid April came. Pebbles eyes were saggy and different. Rushed her to the Vet. Did eye pressure tests on her. Revealed a mass in her left eye. Dr. suggestion TAKE FULL BLOOD PANEL to make sure she was good for surgery treatment. All came back GOOD!
      Surgery was a success! She was prescribed RIMADYL (a go-to for most vets) for recovery.
      I was not warned of any side affects (specifically to LABS)
      For the next 6 days she was healing fine. Looked like she would live another few years.
      That knight out of know where she would start foaming at the mouth. She was very restless that night
      The next day more foam out of no where…. Then IT happend!! A FULL blown seizure.
      Looked up the side affects of RIMADYL (@#*& !!!!!) I felt like I just delivered a bullet .
      Why was I not WARNED, why didn’t I look this up earlier!
      After notifying the vet & him telling me what to watch for (if the seizure last for more than 15 min go to emergency), I went through the most horrifying and saddest night I will NEVER forget!
      Every 45 min to an Hr she had seizures that lasted about 4 to 7 min. In between that ,she paced.
      When I took her to the vet the next morning ( HE WAS EXPECTING ME!!!) I had to leave her for the day, But not before WE had one last seizure together.
      I was called later that day only to be told that we would need to put a family member to rest.
      later that day my son posted “There is no greater love than a boy and his dog:
      The Dr’s INSISTED that she had cancer and it spread to her brain.
      Well wouldn’t there be any indication in her THREE FULL BLOOD PANELS (in the last 2 1/2 months!) that there was something wrong?
      Why wouldn’t they just say they prescribed the wrong medicine.

    18. Please watch this drug very carefully. The vet put my lab terrier mix on this drug along with an antibiotic when she had a fever just in case she had Lyme’s disease even though she tested negative. My pup just turned 1 yr! She had a rapid decline within a couple of days and I could not figure out why. I decided to check side effects and realized that her behaviors were exactly what I was reading which were staring, paralysis, and even urinating accidents I was convinced I was watching my dog die. As soon as I stopped giving her Rimadyl she began to improve. We even went so far as spending 1500$ in x rays and testing to figure out what was wrong. Will never know if Rimadyl was the issue but will not ever give it again. My pup is part black lab! I was never talked to about possible side effects by the vet. Good luck everyone.

    19. After my 11 year old Greyhound had a lump removed from the inside of her leg and muzzle, she was put on Rimadyl. That was on a Monday. Because Greyhounds are very sensitive dogs to begin with, and she has a sensitive tummy, and the fact that I cringed when my vet prescribed Rimadyl, but I did not want my dog to be in pain, I decided to stop the medication on that Wednesday morning (so she only had it for 2.5 days). Thursday afternoon she had diarrhea 2x. I do hope that this is the worst of her side effects and she will improve quickly. This medication SHOULD be taken off the market!!!

    20. Can this cause hives? My doberman has been getting severe hives after breaking her leg and being prescribed this. Could this be due to Rimadyl?

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    22. These comments are scaring us! Our lab is about 12 and has congestive heart failure and is on drugs for that for a few months now without any problems. Then he hurt his foot and the vet put him om Rimadyl.

      We gave him a few doses but stopped when he developed diarrhea. Then when he began to limp some again, we tried the Rimadyl again. (I could kick myself for not looking up this med as I usually do!) and this time after a couple of doses, he developed diarrhea again so we stopped the Rimadyl a few days ago since we then knew it had to be Rimadyl and not his other meds. But, despite stopping it a few days ago, diarrhea is still present, but this time so is lethargy and the staring into space. Last night he was panting so bad, it scared us – we finally calmed him down.

      He was really restless last night and this morning he is shaky and lethargic. We have given him chicken broth and he seems a bit better, but we are taking him to the vet this morning.

      Many of the comments are familiar to what we are experiencing with our lab, so no more Rimadyl for us. In fact, if I had looked up the meds, I’d have seen this med is NOT recommended for labs! Geez.

      Sorry for all these problems with our best friends – it’s hard to watch and tears you up. Good luck to y’all. And hoping our big boy will be okay. He seems to be moving around better after the chicken broth.

      (watch for dehydration of course – though y’all probably know that – that could cause the shaking and lethargy to be worse – which is why the chicken broth is helping I suspect)

      1. Update: The vet said it wasn’t the Rimadyl that caused our dogs problems – so I don’t know. Either it wasn’t and it was all coincidental, or . . . it was and the vet just isn’t sure and doesn’t want to ‘go there.’

        I do want to say that Rimadyl worked beautifully with our other older dog we had. She did very well on it. She was a german shepherd mix

        So, I say proceed with caution and see what works best for your lovely friends.

    23. Our 11 year-old mixed breed (probably retriever mix) was showing signs of arthritis so we took him to the vet. He prescribed rimadyl and a couple other meds. Four days later our 70-pound dog, previously in good health other than maybe joint pain getting up, started to act confused, could hardly walk, when he did he staggered, refused water, peed in his bed, had difficulty breathing; we thought he was dying. Immediately we suspended all meds, did a google search and found out about the side effects or rimadyl on some breeds – it was as if they were describing our dog’s symptoms. This happened on a week-end so we were not able to find a vet to see him. By Monday, however, his health had improved. Today, Tuesday, he seems to be back to normal, thank God (not thanks to the vet in this case). He is better off with some joint pain than with rimadyl.


    24. I gave my Female, Chow/Lab Rimadyl every day for a year. Had her blood tested every 3 months. I kept calling the Vet to ask about it. He kept telling me not to worry. She “within a year” stopped eating treats/food, urinated constantly…but in little spurts…and died within 1 year of being on that pill ..due to a tumor. She was such a healthy girl. I miss her sooo much.

      Now my Male is having back leg problems. He has NO LAB in him at all….but I am not sure Rimadyl is the answer. He stares a great deal into space, his eyes are glazed over, he appears so lethargic…I am at wits end….I don’t know what to do for him anymore. PLEASE HELP! Email me at [email protected] if you have any answers.

    25. Two hours after giving our 4 year old lab her first dose of Rimadyl she showed signs of adverse side effects. She started lying close and following us around (in a diffoerent manner than usual , like something was off or bothering her). She wanted to go outside and when she returned, one leg seemed paralyzed (temporarily) so I thought she stepped on something or she was sore from getting her leg x-rayed early today. By 1:30 am I heard her moving around downstairs and not settling (we baby gate the steps to keep her downstairs). Upon checking on her we found her face and eyes swollen, she was panting, she had in restlessness torn a hole in her bed (probably due to itching). She was thirsty but did not drink water, she wanted ice. Moving all around the room, was rubbing her face with her paws and biting her legs.


    27. Hi I have a boxer Boris and he just torn his ligament on back leg. Did Xrays and the vet put him on Rimadyl and Tramadol. After i research side effects on those medication I did not gave him anything. I called the vet and let her know that I dont want to give him the medication and she told me that the medication will help him with the pain. I am scared, i want to help my baby but i dont want to hurt him. Please I need advice! What can I do? I love my baby so much. Help please!
      my email adress is [email protected]
      Thank you very much!

      1. I would give him buffered aspirin. My vet says it’s OK as long as it’s not long term and that you give it with food, and inspect poop for any signs of bleeding.

    28. After reading this blog, it dawned on me that my pit bull was having an allergic reaction to Rimadyl after 2 days being on it. She broke out in huge, itchy welts (hives?) on her neck and shoulders and was in misery ! I took her off it yesterday and she’s on prednisone for the next 2 weeks (per instructions from my vet). The welts are gone. I’m sooooo grateful that her reaction was not as severe as I have read here; also she had taken Rimadyl several years ago with no side effects. FYI I had ordered it from 1800PetMeds and when I called them they immediately said they would refund the $49.99 that I paid. So far, a happy ending. My heart goes out to y’all who have lost your loved ones. 🙁

    29. Hi Guys,
      I had the same problem with my 10 yr. old 86# golden retriver. Vet overdosed her with prednazone, Vetalog and Remadyl chews, and forgot to chart the shots he had given her. Unfortunately I had emergency surgery and was unable to monitor her myself, but my husband said she was aggressive (in a golden-really?) Severe panting getting up every hour to toilet and drinking like a camel. Nearly killed her. When I got out of the hospital (6 days) I removed her from the medication and took her straight to the vet. He denied giving her the shots. Had a doggy friend tell me about her dog only the vet put her dog on PHYCOX. (Anti-inflamitory, joint and bone rejuvinator) Said within weeks her puppy was like a new dog. Look it up on line, ask your vet (if they never heard of it – get a new vet, I am.)

    30. I have a Rodesion Ridgeback mix. He is a 8 years old and still very active. Very strong dog. He was diagnosed with arthitis and suspicion of possible bone cancer. He was having difficulty walking so my Vet perscribed Rimadyl. I gave it to him twice on Monday and once on Tuesday. When I got home from work there was diarrea poop all over. Then on Wednesday and Thursday there was one spot of diarrea but blood splatter around the poop. I can only attribute this to the Rimadyl. Have not given him any since Tuesday morning and hopefully he does not have another episode today. I hear some people have luck with it but it is not for my dog.

    31. My 5 yr old German Shepherd was diagnosed with one of the tick diseases on Thursday and started on Doxycycline and Rimadyl for fever and joint pain. She is clearly improved, but yesterday after 4 doses she became restless and biting at her back. I thought it was because the vet aspirated a cyst and the site had become irritated. I have been cleaning and treating the small wound and today noticed scabs down the length of her spine and her long hair is coming out in clumps………………not like the normal shed of her undercoat. She is becoming more agitated, biting at her back and taking off like she has been stung by a bee. I jumped on line to look up the side effects of Doxycycline and then moved here. After reading this blog, it appears clear to me that she is reacting to the Rymadyl. Thank you everyone for your stories……..

    32. My 13 year old german shepherd chow mix has been on Rimadyl since her knee surgery 7 years ago and cancer 3 years ago. She has also been on doxycycline for an auto-immune disorder for 2 years. NEITHER of these medications have been problematic. They have helped her live a happy, long (so far), and fullfilling life. I just have them do titer tests and blood panel tests every year to make sure her liver and kidney functions are good. She also receives acupuncture, which does allow me to pull back on the rimadyl dosages. Check with a TRUSTED vet, and local holistic facilities to receive a good balance of western and holistic medicine.

    33. I will never give rimadyl to any of my furbabies again. My golden had aggressive cancer and even though we knew it was fatal I really think the rimadyl made her condition much worse. She was having a decsent day and 3 days before I had to say my goodbyes I gave her rimadyl for pain. She was already taking tramadol but had some fluid building in her stomach so thought this might help. Within a fews hours she got worse and collapsed coming up steps and her face began to swell. Cant say it wasn’t the cancer but I really think this caused her last few days to be worse and something I hope I never have to watch another furbaby go thru again. Know way of knowing now and nothing will bring her back but this has been overwhelming. I miss her more than I can ever put in words!!!

    34. We have a German Shepherd dog who is almost 13. Our vet put her on Rimadyl about a year ago and she seemed to do better at first, although she was lethargic. She has a horrible skin condition, is loosing her fur and exhibits most of the symptoms others have posted. The only thing that hasn’t happened is she (thankfully) does not have vomiting or diarrhea. I am going to gradually take her off Rimadyl. She is also on Dasuguin which I am going to research right now! My vets also treated her skin condition with antibiotics. I truly love my Vets but I think that they just don’t realize the side effects.

    35. My English Bulldog (she’s 10.5 years old) is doing really well after starting on Rimadyl and a pain killer called Amantadine. We tried Rimadyl alone, but I didn’t see much change, since adding the pain killer she’s like a new dog. Before these two meds, she would barely move, we really thought she was suffering and thought we may have to have her put to sleep. 🙁
      She’s been on both meds for the past two week, and so far so good!

    36. my do, who is a mixed breed, was put on rimadyl 4 weeks ago. I am wondering why he looks at me like i am going to yell at him. he is acting odd and very lathargic! He is definetly far from acting normal! I can’t believe what Im reading here! I would rather see my dog struggling with his hip pain than feeling and acting as he is now. He acts like a dog that doesn’t know where he is, stares at the wall and hides! Im glad I googled this!
      Im so sorry to hear of the people who lost there friends to this medication! unacceptable!!

    37. My vet put my old girl on this drug and within a few weeks we went in for a basic check up and her liver was not doing well, based on blood tests. I took her off and had her blood tested a few weeks after, she was normal. My old girl is a shepherd mix. I just put our other younger dog on it for a fall she took and she is itching non stop, I googled side effects and found this site. I’m done, ask your vet for another pain pill.

    38. Our dog, Miss Beasley had only 2 doses of rimadyl and within 1 hour of second dose she was panting heavily and acting really confused. The vet thought she had back pain that’s why he gave it to her. She’s a mix between chihuahua and jack Russell and is 6 years old. I’ll never give her this med again!!!! Thank God she only had 2 doses and I found these remarks. The vet doesn’t want to admit the med done it to her but she never had these symptoms before and it was within a short time after giving her this med. Plus she was going in circles and her body temperature went up. Put her in the shower to cool her down. Please tell friends about this medication.

    39. My four year old Blue Tick Heeler mutt has been on rimadyl a few different times but this time she has actual bumps with scabs itching and overall tired. We took to the vet for a shot of antibiotic which isn’t cheap and worse scabs and bumps now so called in and got five days worth of antibotics and my other dog isn’t taking the meds but has red under her belly and was ripping her hair out. They are both on antibotics but the blue tick is taking rimdayl and tramodal for the pain. Do you think this is causes from Rimadyl or just Mrsa like they think like bacteria is what they are saying from misquito bites. She def doesn’t have flees I and the vet have checked. Don’t know what to do

    40. we have been giving buddy rimadyl for several months. his fur is falling out in clumps and he is panting, today seeming like an athsma attack. he is up and down so so so much. he can move around a lot better. im going to stop for a few, just give him his pain pill three times a day and see if his breathing improves. its truly a no win situation. if he cant take rimadyl he cant walk/sit/lay, he’ll be in horrible pain. if he takes it, he cant breathe. unfortunaly i think this is the end of the road for our buddy :'(

    41. Dog was placed on rimadyl (125 mg) for a 66 pound dog for swollen joints in her legs. After four days she now is panting heavily and seems to be confused. I have stopped giving her the medication. Waiting to see if shell be better in the morning. Otherwise ill take her to another vet. Do vets perscribe this so u come back thinking ur dog is worse to make more money.

    42. I think Rymadyl is too dangerous to give–too many unexplained side effects. Buy liquid ENP instead. My dog likes it, the results I’ve had are dramatic, all without those worrisome side effects. Originally purchased through my vet, but found it onsale recently via a google search.

    43. I found this information last night while searching for side effects as my dog, Friendly, had one dose yesterday but seemed unusually quiet all evening. She is almost 3 years old and has a sprain or strain or tear in her knee. This was given for her inflammation/pain in hopes that it is a sprain or strain and not a tear.

      After reading the posts above, I didn’t give her another dose last night and called the vet this morning. I’m waiting for a call back to see if there is an alternative. She is a mixed breed ‘mutt’ from the shelter and appears to have lab and retriever in her… the two breeds listed as most commonly effected. She was her peppy self this morning and was putting pressure on her leg once again.

      That being said, I had two 100 pound sister dogs (also adopted from a shelter as a puppies) with hip issues who took this medication for years. The were husky, shepherd, and something else big. Quincey occasional had a rash in her ‘arm pits’ (hot spots the vet called them), was itchy off and on, and did have urinary incontinence issues around age 9. Savannah a large fatty deposit growing on her side. Once removed, it was found to be a low grade cancer and more of these started appearing on her. Their quality of life was rapidly deteriorating around age 10 and we had to let them go.

      Quincey’s itchiness and scabbing was attributed to allergies and other medications did clear them up. But after reading all this last night, I was heart broken…. wondering if the Rimadyl, while helped control her hip pain, caused the incontinence and loss of feeling in her back legs that caused them to cross.

      It’s been 3 years since we had to have them put down and I still miss ‘my girls’.

    44. Hi
      My 9 year old lab has been diagnosed with joint effusion on his lower r rear leg after weeks of tests bood ,urine x rays and a synovial tap . He was put on Tramodol and gabupentin . He was still limping and there was swelling /heat from the joint. On Tuesday my vet said lets try Rimadyl for 7 days he started on Tuesday and has had 5 pills . he started to vomit on Thursday , refused food and water so I have stopped. I am taking him in for blood work today. I have been researching and one of the girls on my lab board suggested Trameel … Im going with this if he needs any medications NEVER will I give this drug again. hoping that these 5 pills arent going to mess him up. I’m not blaming the vet I agreed but I will Never give him this again.

      If any of you are interested in a more homeopathic way to treat your dogs heres the link Im sure many places even amazon carry this


    45. We have a 9.5 year old German Shepherd, Bailey. We had given her Rimadyl a few times for 3-4 days post op. over her 9 years and she seemed to do ok with it. This summer she seemed to be in a bit more pain moving around and arthritis was confirmed by the vet who then recommended Rimadyl. 75# dog taking 75mg/day. Bailey almost immediately developed several very large hot spots. These of course treated with antibiotics. All blood work coming back perfectly normal after 2 weeks. After a few more days Bailey started having troubles moving as her back legs would just give out. Keeping her on the Rimadyl we then noticed her having problems catching her ball. This is a dog that would sleep with the ball in her mouth and has amazing coordination. We immediately stopped giving her the Rimadyl but the damage is done and NOT reversible. It has been 3 months since we stopped giving her the Rimadyl and she can catch her ball again but the coordination in her back legs is not reversing no matter how much strengthening exercises we try with her. This was a in shape dog running 12-16 miles/week. Unless she is going in a straight line her back legs now give out very easily. Now worried about her breaking a hip from falling all the time. PLEASE TRY ALL OTHER OPTIONS before giving your dog Rimadyl.

    46. Added to last post on Sept 14th Harley became dehydrated , lethargic and now has an ulcer been at the vets for two days getting fluids IV due to Rimadly Its been 5 days since I stopped it! Dont give this medication.

    47. My French Bulldog had to have surgery to repair his righr rear knee. I gave him Rymadyl for the pain. Less than 15 min after I gave it to him he broke out in a rash and could not stop biting and scratching. I will never give my pets that again.

    48. Our puppy just had intestinal surgery yesterday & was put on Rimadyl for the pain. She has been fine all day, but now this evening is urinating very frequently. It does say this is a side effect, so perhaps I will not give it to her tonight. Anyone else have this problem>

    49. I lost my 2 year old Doberman Pincher after a misdiagnosis of arthritis and one month of Rimadyl. Turns out she had a torn ligament and was taken off Rimadyl by the orthopedist. But it was too late. She lost her battle with liver failure after 4 months of trying to fight it. This is a terrible, terrible medication and I’m totally baffled as to why it’s still being prescribed.

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