What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

Side Effects Of Rimadyl In Dogs

Rimadyl was released by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in 1997 as a new “wonder drug” treatment for arthritis and joint problems in dogs. However, although Rimadyl is very effective in reducing inflammation and pain in affected dogs, it is now known to cause a number of potentially serious side effects in dogs, particularly the Labrador retriever breed of dog.

Before being prescribed Rimadyl, it is very important that a veterinarian runs blood tests on your dog to rule out any underlying health problems that could lead to a reaction with Rimadyl. If the results indicate that the dog might already have impaired liver function, use of Rimadyl should be ruled out immediately as it could lead to serious illness or death. Dogs with kidney disease or bleeding disorders should also not be prescribed Rimadyl.

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What are the Rimadyl side effects in dogs?

The majority of dogs suffer no side effects from taking Rimadyl, but a small minority unfortunately DO experience serious side effects as a result of taking the drug, so it is very important that you are vigilant at all times and monitor your dog for signs or symptoms of a potentially life threatening reaction to Rimadyl. For reasons as yet unknown, Labrador retrievers are particularly at risk of serious side effects cause by Rimadyl and should not be prescribed Rimadyl.

Side effects of Rimadyl include:

Within a time frame of one to three hours the following symptoms can become visible in your dog with respect to how much Rimadyl was administered to your dog.

Symptoms to watch for are:

  • A loss of appetite and unwillingness to drink
  • Changes in urination patterns: sweet smelling urine, blood in the urine, and/or urinating far more than usual
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Vomit or stools containing blood
  • Changes in skin, including scabs, redness, itching
  • Change in normal temperament: lethargy, drowsiness, restlessness, aggressiveness, hyperactivity
  • Stumbling, staggering, partial or full paralysis
  • Seizures
  • Dizziness
  • Jaundice: yellow whites of the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes
  • Death
  • The side effects of Rimadyl are mostly attributable to liver, kidney, and gastrointestinal problems: in some dogs, Rimadyl causes ulceration and bleeding in the gut, damage to the kidney function, and liver failure due to Hepatotoxicity, all of which are potentially fatal.

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    Side effects of Rimadyl can occur with hours of taking the drug, which is why pet owners must be extremely vigilant once Rimadyl has been administered to their dog. In other dogs, adverse symptoms do not appear until a few days have passed. Initially the dog might seem a little off colour—perhaps off its food and more lethargic than normal.

    What should I do if my dog appears to be suffering from Rimadyl side effects?

    If your dog has been given Rimadyl and you suspect it has had an adverse reaction to the drug, there are a number of steps you should take without delay. Firstly stop giving Rimadyl to your dog immediately, and then take the dog to your veterinarian clinic and tell them you suspect Rimadyl toxicity is the culprit. If the adverse effects of Rimadyl are caught quickly enough, the right course of treatment can be given and the dog should recover. However, it is a good idea to keep accurate records of your dog’s symptoms and treatment in the event that you need to make a claim against Pfizer for a refund of your veterinarian expenses.

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    1. My bull mastiff was on Rimadyl a couple months ago…he took a full prescription of it and has acted different and strange ever sense then. His appetite has changed…has diarrhea …skin infections…he isn’t bubbly anymore and whines a lot…we have taken him back to the vet and they just keep giving him medicine to help with skin infection and now a anti-diarrhea medicine and still having issues. I had no clue this could happen. Now I know what is causing my dog’s issues I think.

    2. I am reading all of these comments and it is making complete sense as to why my 14 year old husky has been listing and stumbling for the past week or so, as if she has vertigo, and has been panting and acting restless. Its just awful and I don’t even know what to do for her, short of giving her something to calm her stress. She lost the ability to use her hind legs back in June of this year due to issues with hip displaysia, and since she is in excellent health otherwise, I made the decision to try a dog wheelchair. It has been an amazing godsend, and has given me more precious time with her.

      Anyway, for pain and inflammation management, I had been giving her 1 dog aspirin a day, in addition to tramadol, a non-NSAID arthritis medication, after speaking to my vet. She seemed to be doing fine, but since I live in the Pacific Northwest, and our rainy season is upon us, I am concerned about her inflammation getting worse with the change in the weather. He recommended rimadyl and I started giving it to her about 2-1/2 weeks ago.

      At first she seemed fine, but about a week ago she started listing to the left, and had a hard time standing up in her chair when it came time to eat and go potty, and it has gotten to the point that she wont go pee until she cant hold it anymore. Last night and into this morning was especially difficult, she couldn’t get comfortable, she was constantly moving to the left and her eyes couldn’t stay focused on the same object, and she even got so disoriented she fell over in her chair because she lost balance on her front legs. I began to think about it, and I have come to the conclusion that the rimadyl is doing this to her. It has been over 24 hours since she had her last dose, and she seems to be not as disoriented or dizzy as she was, and she is actually sleeping more peacefully.

      I am halting this medication for good. This stuff is poison for my dog and she is just too old and to precious to take this kind of risk. I wish everyone else luck who has posted on this site, and I am sorry for those who have lost their dear friends.

      “Whoever said, ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ never had a dog.” ~Unknown

    3. I had a boxer that was on rimadyl for back and joint pain. I won’t ever know for sure but i gave him the medicine and 1 hour later he had a seizure and on the way to the emergency vet he also had a stoke. I had to have him put down so my advice is to have your vet give the dog a complete examination before taking this medicine. My boxer was 13 so i didn’t ask for autopsy. After reading all the side effects of this drug I wish I hadn’t given him rimadyl. I am heart broken by my loss.

    4. My 115 lb black lab/German shepherd mix was prescribed 100mg of Rimadyl 2x daily.
      After being on the medication for one week he stopped eating and started having extremely bad diarrhea and vomiting. He then started pooing blood and broke out in a rash all over his abdomen. I took him to my vet today and have stopped giving him Rimadyl. Never again will I use this drug. I am praying my sweet boy recovers 100%. I am so sorry to all of you who have suffered the consequences of this drug.

    5. My half lab/pointer would not jump at all. Took him to the Vet and he gave him a shot of b12 and Rimadyl on friday.Saturday he was fine and took 100mg pill of the drug, sunday the same. Monday he was terrible vommit and bloody stool with dierria. I stopped the meds and called the vet and was told to keep an eye on him an call if it got worse. By tuesday it was just as bad,called the vet and he said He could give him a shot to try stopping the runs,thats about it. Now he won’t even drink any water and hasn’t eaten in two days. I called Phizer and all they do is make a case file,no advice on how to treat the poor dog,just call your vet, and my vet is closed on weds.any advice?

    6. Same here. Had large bread dog who was super healthy for 10yrs, started to take this drug to help with a hip issue, dead several weeks later and had many of these symptoms as well from the drug. We were never warned of the side effects by the vet. Passed away in the end from ruptured organ and internal bleeding as a result of this drug. Rip max 06/09/2011

    7. We adopted the most lovable stray lab mix a couple of weeks ago. Being responsible pet owners, we got her vaccinated and took her to get spayed. They asked if I wanted to give her pain meds, and I agreed. When I picked her up, she was lethargic and definitely not herself. The next morning, she was a bit better, but still lethargic. I gave her the daily dose of the pain med (rimadyl) and went to work. At 1:30 pm, my wife called in a panic. Our dog was dizzy, could not stand on her own, and her eyes were wildly twitching. We took her back to the clinic and they kept her overnight. When I got home, I researched the side effects of Rimadyl and was astonished to see this warning, especially that it should not be administered to labs.

      We contacted the vet after hours and asked to make sure she received no further meds. They were unaware of these side effects of Rimadyl. She is on an IV drip overnight and we are praying she will be better in the morning and fully recovered. We have contacted Zoetis (formerly Pfizer) and are in the process of reporting this adverse reaction. I hope all of the pet owners that have had similar experiences are doing the same. The # of occurrences on this site alone are astonishing.

      1. Thanks for the tip on their name change. When they had the name Pfizer in 1999 there was a class action suit against them for this very drug.

      2. I hope your dog is better. On December 28 I took my 14 yo Sheltie to the Emergency Animal Hospital because his paw was very swollen and painful. The vet suspected cancer or possible infection and prescribed Rimadyl and an antibiotic. On January 2 my dog was acting very dizzy and falling over almost like he was drunk or having a stroke. I rushed him back to the animal hospital suspecting he was having a reaction to one or both the medicines. A different vet poo-pooed the idea that it could be a reaction to the meds he said that my dog had Vestibular Disease or disorder and that it just happens in old dogs. When I asked what causes it he said that they don’t usually know it just happens in older dogs. When I brought up the medicines again he said no he was sure that neither of the drugs could cause this and that I should continue to give him the medicines, but if I liked he would try to look up and see if these medicines could cause this and he would call me if he found anything. Guess what I never got a phone call. And the pharmacy at the animal hospital doesn’t give you any information on side effects when they admister meds. I did look up both meds myself when I got home and well as Vestibular Disease and guess what the Rimadyl site does not mention this side effect at all. I just found this site tonight 1/31 and wish I would have found this back on January 2nd or better yet before. My poor boy hurting and then falling over like a drunken sailor because of a medicine that is supposed to help. I will be contacting the animal hospital and letting them know.

        1. I forgot to mention that Buddy did and now does have a slight head tilt now that he did not before this. If you look up Vestibular Disease you can see that this happens and sometimes severely. I think Rimadyl or Rimadyl combined with the antibiotic brought on the Vestibular Disease not just old age. My dog has been old for awhile now, but never had any of these symptoms until he had been on the Rimadyl and antibiotic for about three days. I am researching other ways to treat his pain. I will not allow him to be put on Rimadyl again.

        2. Feb. 23, 2017. I just posted what my dog experienced this past week. I just read this site, after my dog experienced similar reactions to Rimadyl. I had taken him to the animal ER for the same “drunken sailor” symptoms and was told he had vestibular disorder!!!!! I was told the exact same thing again at his follow-up appt. with his regular vet a day later. I told the doc at the animal ER that he was on Rimadyl.
          What is wrong with these veterinarians? Why are they so afraid to tell you what side effects to watch out for???

    8. My 8yo Sib. Husky mix was given Rimadyl after ligament surgery on his hind leg. Within hours of the meds, he started oozing (diarrhea x10). It just wouldn’t stop, and the smell was beyond foul. He is long haired, and I had to shave more than his leg to clean him. The mess was horrible after surgery, and he could barely get up. After reading these side-effects, I consider myself very lucky to have discontinued the meds as soon as I did. My deepest condolences to those who suffered further loss from this drug.

      1. Yes our 12 yr old Siberian also had the same response to Rimadyl with diarrhea. We had him on it (very briefly!) for arthritis but we switched him over to Nupro Silver Joint supplement when he kept having accidents. 🙁 The Nupro tastes good so the dogs have no trouble eating it. Works great! Best of luck. http://www.nuprosupplements.com/dog.htm

    9. My 12 year old hound has been on Rimadyl for 8 days. Last night around 9pm she had been in the garage and I left the door open from the garage to my kitchen so she could come inside. A little while later I heard awful flailing and scraping and she had fallen on the single stair and could not get up. Her back end had completely given out and she was stuck. I picked her up and sat with her on my lap for about 20 minutes while she calmed down. She finally stood up but her back legs seemed super stiff and uncoordinated. She has never done that before and it was horrible to see. I am absolutely certain this is somehow Rimadyl-related but my vet insists it is not. Nevertheless, I did not give her Rimadyl this morning and will not give it to her ever again. She is on Triple Joint Max and cod liver oil and, once the Rimadyl clears her system, I’ll put her back on Bufferin.

      We tried Rimadyl on my 14 year old Chow mix a year or so ago and it skyrocketed her liver values in just 2 weeks. Fortunately, after immediately taking her off Rimadyl, her values went back to normal and she is fine, save for Vestibular Disease.

      I just don’t trust Rimadyl. 2 dogs, 2 bad experiences. No thanks.

      1. Elaine, ask your vet about Qi Ye Lian or see a holistic vet. Also, acupuncture is amazing.

        Qi Ye Lian is considered an excellent and safe analgesic herb without the side effects of addiction, mental impairment, liver toxicity, or diminishing effect. One can use it for acute and chronic pain due to injury, including fractured bones. Rheumatic pains in the joints and muscles. Also, useful in trigeminal neuralgia, headache, toothache, sciatic pain and lower back pain.

        1. Alex, would you mind telling me more about Qi Ye Lian. My funds are limited and I am afraid I won’t have the funds for a Holistic Vet. I have a 1 1/2 year old Shepherd. Akita/Chihuahua mix, a rescue from Puerto Rico. Leiko looks and is the size of a mini-Shepherd but with a huge tail and short legs. He was diagnosed with arthritis in his hind legs (in which I found out was common in small dogs). The Vet put him on Rimadyl on a as needed basis (basically 2 a day for 2 days if he had a flare-up). I have never had a problem before and now Leiko has had severe diarrhea and becomes very tired after taking his pill.. Once the effects of the pill wears off, he is back to normal playing and his eating habits do not change at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Steph

    10. It seems to me that the vets need to include info for any meds given to an animal for possible side effects.

    11. Our 10 week old labradoodle was diagnosed with pneumonia. The vet gave antibiotics and Rimadyl for pain from the fever. Within hours our pup was lethargic and stumbling and in a daze. The vet said it was from the fever. We worked to get his fever down but our puppy quickly went downhill and was unable to walk or drink. With a normal temperature, our pup continued to decline. We called the vet again and he said it was not the Rimadyl.

      Our pup is paralyzed in his hind legs at this time and has been off of the Rimadyl for 20 hours. We saw a new vet today that said he was puzzled about the neurerolical damage and administered coritzone. We were not given much hope.

    12. After our Australian Shepard was put on Rimadyl for pain caused by dysplasia we were initially pleased to see that his pain seemed to be more in control. Over time his behavior became more and more disturbed. Every night after he eats (and gets his dose of Rimadyl) he becomes restless, rushes between the front door and the back, throws himself against the doors, stares at us and whines, which he’s never done before, obsessively licks his foot, has developed round bald spots on his stomach where he has lost the hair, pushes his food and water bowls around the kitchen, hides in the tub or shower. He pants all night. I thought about whether there might be a connection today so looked up side effects. Tonight will be his last dose of Rimadyl.

    13. Our 6 Month old Ridgeback has a knee injury in her rear leg. She was put on Rimadyl and has suffered from severe diarrhea. We couldnt figure out what was causing it until my husnand suggested it could be the Rinadyl which prompted me to research it. No more Rimadyl for any of my dogs. So sorry to all that have lost their precious babies unnecessarily to these drugs.

    14. yesterday i had to put down my st.bernard lilly because of the side effects of this medication what started out as a leg injury lead to her being put down. the emergency vet informed me of the side effects and i was just stunned i was never told also i was told a dog should be monitored when put on this drug. DO NOT PUT YOUR DOG ON THIS MEDICATION IT IS NOT WORTH THE RISK

    15. I’d like to just put out there that there are a lot of fantastic natural supplements on the market that will not harm your dog. We usually recommend Nupro Silver Joint Supplement to any of our dog show friends that have dogs with pain or injury before ever suggesting Rimadyl. Although we have in the past used it in the right situation when needed. The Nupro Silver is amazing stuff. It takes about a month to build up in the system. We had an 7 yr old female that for some reason her knees became swollen and she could barely walk. The vet took an xray but was unsure what was causing the swelling as he saw no damage to the ligmanets or tendons. We decided to put her on the Nupro and within a month she was nearly sound and was able to trot and run in the yard. As time progressed, I felt that she was sound enough that no one would have ever known she had a problem. It really is great stuff. The webiste is:

    16. I wanted to post on here about Rimadyl and Labs. My beautiful yellow Lab of 11 years died last week – 2 months after starting Rimadyl on a regular basis. He died of ITP – Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia – ie. low platelets and died from internal bleeding.

      There was nothing else wrong with him, he had a little limp after running for a long time and I thought I was doing the best thing for him by helping his pain but alas, now I feel like I was poisoning him for the past 2 months. He didn’t take the medicine well either I had to hide it in things which makes me feel even worse. Dogs know best when they turn their noses up especially labs as they eat most things 🙂 Anyway beware – I don’t want anyone else to go through this. I sent this article to my vet also he had not heard about it so I hope that will prevent unnecessary deaths of these gorgeous dogs. Merry Christmas to all

    17. So sorry to read all of the issues with the Labs, but did you not read the warnings to NOT give Rimadyl to Labs? It is a warning in plain sight. If your vet was the one who recommended the drug, change vets.

    18. I have a 8-10 year old dog that was put on Rimadyl for a back problem. (L3,L4 stenonis) She was on it for 4 days and was able to walk better. She did however develop mouth erosions around her teeth and the side of her tongue. Has anyone ever heard of this from using Rimadyl? Her mouth was fine before the Rimadyl.
      I would appreciate any help.
      Happy New year,

    19. i have a 14year old jack russell she has been on rimadyl for quite a long time she doesn’t appear to have any of the side effects that i read about she does however not sleep through the night she wakes me up to take her out 2 or 3 times a night then she will rarely go back to sleep would this be because of her age or the rimadyl

      1. My teddybear American Bulldog was given rimadyl for a suspected elbow dysplasia which was ruled out after xray. He had ligaments causing his limping. This caused him to be aggressive and 4 attacks later we had called 911 and animal control to remove him from the house. 10 days quarantine and he was euthanized at 1 year. old .(just turned 1 on 12/4/13. I was heartbroken and tore myself up trying to find out why. He was prescribed this nasty drug on 11/22/13 and less than a week he had me.Thank god my son was home or I probally would be dead. I thought that was bad but a week before Christmas he attacked my husband when I went to Kohls to finish up last minute holiday shopping. My son called on cell and said get home dad needs to.go to er. At approach blood was all over thecporch and inside on foyer and on hardwood floor. Hubby had his arm wrapped and I took one look and we were off to hospital. Looked worse because of all the blood. He said he was breaking up the two girls and brother. They were raised together and very close and loving. Friday after holiday he cornered me in family room room after I called his name to stop picking on his sister’s. Managed to get the door to garage open and with strength I never thoughthought I had got him in the garage and shut the door. I was messed up bitten in stomach,back,arms and legs. I was frightened! Oh each time it seemed he never rememberef what happened. Less than 24 hours he had my husband again this time calling 911,police and animal control. When all was done he was himself and even walked out calmly as. I shed tears crying. Before the attack he was on husbands lap licking his face! I started trying to figure this out and looked up the drug. Amazed and annoyed that it was put on the market after 400 animals were tested and Xra approved it. I would love to choke the person who made this drug. A perfectly healthy animal was wasted . The company Iam sure knows their wrong when they pay and don’t give a fight. I even had my boy neutered because the vet said he probally had a high testosterone level and it would help. He was a show dog and planned on doing that since his gf held grand champion for title for four years. He was my boy and like one of our children. His worth in. $ is priceless. His companiinship worth everything. Don’t risk it and tell everyone that will listen about this drug and it’s manufacturer.

      2. We are having the same experience with our 10 year old golden. She wants to go out several times a day to just lay and lap at the snow. Also drinking a lot more. But her pain is controlled so well with the drug. Wouldn’t be able to function without it. Recently had a stomach upset but her liver function was fine.

    20. I have a 12 year old golden retriever that has been taking Soloxin for years due to a thyroid problem. We have also been giving her Glycoflex. What is your thought about also getting her on Rimadyl? She has arthritis in her back legs & they sometimes collapse when she gets up after laying down for a long time.

    21. This drug just killed my dog. She was diagnosed with sponduolosis on Friday and given an injection of this drug and I was sent home with 20 pills of rimadyl. She was looking pretty good with her walking yesterday and walked about 30 feet with little assistance. I gave her her pill about 5pm and within two hours she was breathing heavy and I began to suspect that she was having a reaction to the drug. I gave her some charcoal to counteract the drug but apparently it was too late. She was 12 years old and one of the sweetest dogs– a Belgian Sheepdog mix. She wasn’t in pain and could have done without the stuff. She always got aggressive toward other dogs if she was in pain and never showed any signs of being in pain. Oh, I’m going to miss her so much. This is a wicked drug. The truth is that drugs never cure they only change the form of a disease (aka side effects). In only 4 days this drug killed my dog. How I wish we had given her an herbal anti-inflammatory instead. I don’t see any websites talking about turmeric or alfalfa causing the side effects this stuff does.

    22. Our lab was prescribed rymadil for arthritis, she died two days later from complications, our vet did not warn us of the side effects, she was 10 yrs. I only discovered the awful side effects today. She was cremated today. Our heart is aching due to the loss of our beloved marshmallow.

    23. Just lost my Maggie Mae to this drug, She was a 7 yr old mini schauzer,within 24 hours she was in the Louisville, Ky ICU hospital, The vet never told us anything about the side effects of this drug, IF YOU LOVE YOUR PET, DO NOT USE THIS DRUG,IT IS A DEATH SENTENCE

    24. I AM ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED OF THE SIMILARITIES BETWEEN MY DOG’s SYMPTOMS AND OTHERS ON THIS SITE. My 10-yr-old Schnauzer fell down the stairs a year ago and injured her right hind leg. She was prescribed Rimadyl 25mg daily. For months she was doing fairly well although her leg was showing atrophy, which is expected since she wasn’t using it as often. However, she was prescribed an increase in the dose with a check up with the vet. I noticed her gait getting worse so I went back to the smaller dose. Over the last few months her health has deteriorated DRASTICALLY. she went from having an issue with her leg and now both legs have atrophied. More startling (similar to others on this site) she has been falling on her hind legs and wobbling. She can’t walk on her hind legs without falling down. She walks as if she’s drunk. As well, she can’t defecate properly (stool gets stuck) and she can only urinate while walking. She can no longer squat to urinate or defecate. I am stopping this medication tonight!! I will follow up regarding her symptoms and let you all know if any progress has been made or at the very least, if her health decline has ceased. I pray my sweetheart gets some of her functioning back. Please do not let your dog take this drug. Although initially helped her, her health has declined drastically, all from, what originally was a sprained leg. Btw, her levels were checked and came back normal. However, it is clear, something is making her health deteriorate drastically and I think it is the Rimadyl. I too was not warned of the side effects by Banfield.

    25. Our 10 year old dog, Hunter died Saturday, March 1st 2014. He was a lab/mix and had been taking rimadyl intermittantly, as needed for joint pain for about two years. He especially had a bad left side hip that at times would incapacitate him. We thought we would have to put him down it was so bad, but after starting him on rimadyl he became his old self again; playing with my daughter Sarah, chasing our cats, and enjoying life again; almost miraclulious. He had been doing so good that we hadn’t needed to give him any medicine since Nov 2013. When he started showing signs again of having hip pain, my wife gave him one 75mg pill that morning. He was much improved by eary afternoon. At 6:30 that evening however, my wife found him dead lying on a pile of leaves in our back yard. There was no apparent signs of illness or trauma; it looks like he just layed down and died. So there you have it, wonder drug or killer drug? I think probably both. We probably would have had to put him down two years ago if not for rimadyl, but in the end the rimadyl is probably what killed him. I’m glad we had those two years.

    26. Update: so I took my dog off Carprofen. The next day her gait was markedly better where she stands on her hid legs and rarely falls down, and she isn’t walking like she’s drunk. As well, it’s been a week of the medication and she’s now able to urinate on her own (I’ve been expressing her bladder for a week). All the vets say it’s not the medication but I think it is.

    27. My four year old jack Russell was prescribed Rimadyl and antibiotics for an injured toe, last August.
      Since then she has developed gastro problems and at Christmas had a bout of Pancreatitis, from then on she has continued to lose weight, from 8.75 prior to the attack, now down to 7.10 she has been to the Vets continually throughout this period and each time I have brought the subject of the Rimadyl, I have been assured it would not have done lasting harm. Now they are asking could it be worms! Although she is on their recommnenThe dog appears on the surface fit and active, although I don’t think she has quite the same energy as she once had.

      The food appears to go straight through, although not as diarrhoea, we now extremely concerned about her health and just don not know what to do next,

      Can anyone please help with advice. We do hope so.

    28. My almost 3-yr old golden retriever was put on rimadyl (and an antibiotic-simplicef) last Monday for an infection on his paw. Since he has been on the medication he often stands and stares at the ground. He sometimes paws at the stop on the floor where he is staring (but there is nothing there). I have halved the dosage of rimadyl because I am really concerned about this behavior. Do either simplicef or rimadyl cause hallucinations? Has anyone ever experienced this before??

    29. My Shepard has been on theses for 5 years never had any of theses problems they help her a lot with her joints I,m shocked at what problems people have with them

    30. My Siberian , Hajjii , 13 yrs., has been on rimadyl for a year and a half. We have not had any problems until this past week. Drinking a lot urinating then deficating at same time. Lot of pain in abdominal area. Vet didn’t see significant numbers on blood work to indicate significant problem none she could pinpoint. But some blood in urine but normal blood count. On anti biotic, rimadyl, tramDol when needed. Monday ultrasound to rule out anything else. But noticed symptoms after using swiffer wet mops. Could be coincidence or combo or just rimadyl . Will keep posted.

    31. My yellow lab, who was 17 years old (yes, I know that was a Long life but not long as it should have been)…… He was prescribed 1\2 of a 75 mg rimadly tablet twice a day. I only wish I was smart enough to read this article before I ever started the medication because I had to put my little girl down on the 21st of April. The saddest day of my life! After reading the side effects, and what it says about giving it to labs, I know she died as a result of taking the rimadyl.
      My advice to all us avoid rimadyl at all costs. It’s deadly to dogs! I will never forgive my vet for not knowing the facts. Yes, Kenya was almost 18 but she could still be here for a while longer if not for this poison. Kiss my ass pfizers!

    32. Two days after being on Rimadyl our lovely German Shepherd lost his sight, is confused and anxious. Had NO advice of side effects from our vet! How can they ALL not know???

    33. My dog ramby was a retriver he die after 1 month of take rim afoul medicine that medicine is no good for dogs I m very disappoint an very sad for my losti wold like to know how I can get my redound for my expense in the veterinary

    34. My dog, Tinkerbell (pug/yorkie cross), was attacked by a pit cross. She was hurt really bad and had to have surgery. I brought her home from the vet at 4pm and about 2 hours later she was crying and panting heavily. I called the vet and he had me give her 1/4 tablet of a 75mg of rimadyl and 45 minutes later she was still crying and panting. I called the pet ER and told them the situation but as I was on hold with the vet on call, she passed away. I am so so sad. I buried her that night in my pasture under a tree. I am not sure what happened. Can a dog die from to much pain? Did her heart just give out? Could it have been the rimadyl? I’ve been crying all day and I miss my friend.

    35. My daughters American Stafford Terrier 5 yrs old “Bella” was living with us for about 3 years. She was so lovable. She was given Carprofen on Thursday evening (1/9/14) and had a total of 4 pills, last one was given to her Saturday morning (1/11/14). She went to sleep and we noticed she had not left her bed. She couldn’t move. My daughter came down from LA to take her to emergency. Her eyes were so dilated, no feeling from the neck down. All tests show neg for anything showing up in blood and X-rays. The vet recommended putting her to sleep since she was so lifeless. The Vet said it wasn’t the pills. So what was it??? She had a vet visit 6 mo earlier and she was fine. All blood tests were fine. She was given the carprofen because she was limping. I wish we never called the vet that night. She probably would be alive today. This has devastated my daughter and us. She was put to sleep on 1/12/14. This should have not happened!!!!

    36. 3 weeks ago I took my 12 yo lab to the vets for sore hips, he was given rimdyl last night I had to put him to sleep. He developed all the symptoms described in this article. He went from following me around the house, to panting and staring off into space, weakness in back legs, circling, itching, falling down signs of and in the last day night seizures, partial blindness and dizziness and loss of front perception. Trips to vets inc talks of brain tumours and MRI scans, massive middle ear infections causing loss of balance, some seniors thing that causes onset quickly of these symptons. Sites and itchiness on skin, dehydration after initially drinking a lot. The long and short if it, my beautiful boy went from being an elder with a dire leg, to a dog that could not stand , walk, eat, drink, hold his head up, moving in circles and fitting in less than 3 weeks .was it rimdyl vets didn’t think so, in my heart I think maybe do please do not give to your elder labs, especially if they show signs of anemia. His tox levels showed ok in blood test but the nerve neurological degeneration was fast and distressing to watch.

    37. I am really worried. My cockapoo had a laparoscopic spay three days ago, she has IBD and my vets prescribed Rimadyl which she has taken. I was unaware that dogs with this condition cannot take this medicine until this evening. My vets never said anything to me about this and tonight she is panting heavily and has been really out of sorts, I thought it was all to do with the surgery etc but now I think she’s been poisoned by Rimadyl? We have an appointment first thing. What can my vet do to check she has no stomach bleeding etc etc?

    38. My dog is approximately 12 years old and we adopted her 9 years ago. She has always been very happy and healthy! This past March the Vet saw her for a well check and vaccines. Because of her age and suggestion of Rimadyl, we did blood work that came back normal. Since then my dog has lost 5 pounds, has no appetite, black diarrhea and black tar like stools. She is anxious, lethargic and depressed! Blood tests, stool tests, ultrasound and medications and still no answers or improvement! They now want to perform an endoscopy starting at $1700! She was perfectly healthy before this drug!!! The Vets just say that Rimadyl could be the cause or could have aggravated an already existing condition. The Pfizer Rep is refunding the medicine and starting a case report. They should also pay for the endoscopy and everything else! I ‘m so sorry I ever gave it to her!! She is part of our family and we hate to see her suffer and wither away like this!! Not thinking Koda is going to survive this! I really think this drug is the reason.

    39. I have a mastiff puppy, and I gave him rimadyl, now his tongue is paralyzed, He can’t eat or drink by himself, so we have to feed him. He’s 9 months old. If anyone knows anything about this please reply. Thanks, much appreciated.

    40. I noticed most of these posts are over a year old but hoping my question/concern gets answered.
      I have a lab mix who had a tumor removed from her rectum this past Monday (it’s not Wednesday night). We’re still awaiting the biopsy results.
      Ellie was given Rimadyl as a pain reliever. I gave her one Tuesday and another one today. She’s acting really weird. Reading through the possible side effects I see restlessness can be a side effect.
      Ellie hasn’t been herself at all. She can’t hold still, she won’t even stay still long enough to do her business.
      She’s normally a very laidback dog (couch potato). I don’t know if this behavior is leftover from anesthesia or pain or the Rimadyl (yes calling vet in the morning).
      Can Rimadyl cause restless/anxious behaviors?

    41. I have a 2 year old boxer that was bitten by another dog. I took him to the Vet and she prescribed him Rimadyl to prevent possible bacteria infections from the scar. So far, I have only given him one pill. Several hours later, I see that he is very lethargic and only wants to lay down. He looks miserable and is not eating all of his food. When I tried to take him outside to use the restroom, he simply stood there. My dog is still young so he is usually very energetic and LOVES to play. It is hurting me to see him in such a state. I’m hoping that since he was only given one pill, the side effects will soon ware off and he will return to his normal self. Needless to say, I will NOT continue to give him the remaining pills in the bottle.

    42. Our service dog was given Rimadyl at an emergency vet and had several seizures — the vet insisted it was not the drug and told us to keep him on it. We ignored that advice and immediately stopped and fortunately, so did the seizures. Our regular vet would not even prescribe it for him. He is now on Metcam which has helped him a lot but now I am concerned he could develop ulcers.

      We had to make another emergency trip yesterday for another one of our older dogs with arthritis — the same vet again prescribed Rimadyl — she is in pain but I won’t give it to her and plan to followup with regular vet for another drug.

      For those reporting “staring” that is a sign of a seizure — so is urinating spontaneously. I am so sorry for all the losses being reported here but am grateful that people took the time to share their horror stories with others. Perhaps other lives can be saved — this drug should not be prescribed to dogs!!!

    43. Wow! I just had my 1 yo Gold Retriever nurtured on Friday and they gave me 4 / 75 mg of Rimadyl for him. He’s only 40 lbs. I gave him on tablet Saturday morning and he had such bad diarrhea I had to go out and rent a rug shampooer. Just thought it was from the anesthesia so I gave him his second pill as prescribed in the evening and he thru up all night. That’s when I saw this web page! We have to get the word out somehow that this drug is very harmful for ALL dogs! Now he is not only in pain but he is so humiliated about messing in the house. Poor guy. I love him so!!

    44. I have been working in the veterinary industry for 4 years now full time in one of the biggest practices in England and have never once seen/heard of any dogs ever having a problem with Rimadyl (Carprofen)
      It is a very rare occurance and reading through most of these responses it seems that it was not Rimadyl that caused these problems but they were just underlying diseases that your elderly animal already had.

      1. Lauren-
        Perhaps the formulation of Rimadyl in the US is different than in England?
        Please read through these posts again-most of these dogs were given Rimadyl for joint issues, and had no underlying diseases. Not all are elderly. My dog was a very healthy senior!!! before the Rimadyl. (You probably won’t see this since I’m just posting it now.)

    45. We brought our 13 year old golden lab to Berwyn Animal Hospital for bloody diarrhea they prescribed pain medication and joint supplements. The next day we returned and they prescribed rimadyl I gave it to him for two days 1 every 12 hours then stopped because he had all the symptoms mentioned for serious side effects . Our Louie passed away this morning and the clinic won’t even let me talk to a manager. From what I understand it is a very common drug given by vets, if you LOVE your pet please don’t give them rimadyl. When I called the vet before he passed and said per the internet labs should not take rimadyl , all they could say is don’t believe what you read. I’m very angry right now , do they really care about our pets? The prices they charge seem to be their only motive for all the awes, ohs, poor baby and etc. I’m so sorry Louie for trusting them. Love you

      1. It’s not your fault, I do know how you feel. I’m heartbroken with so many regrets and blaming myself for trusting the vets and letting down my dog. I lost him within 2 weeks of administering Rimadyl, he was euthanised due to paralyis with no previous issue with hind legs. He was only 7 and lively and happy until he was given this drug for an enlarged prostate awaiting castration.

    46. my dog , who is part lab, was givin Rimadyl. We were not told of any side effects at all. I have now read that before being prescribed Rimadyl it is very important to have blood work on your dog to rule out any underlying health problems, also for reasons unknown labs are particularly at risk of serious side effects from this drug! I think the vet should of at least told us of the side effects before prescribing this drug to our dog!! My poor dog suffered so much & so did we. He has diarrhea so bad its hard to describe, loss of appetite, does not want to drink, vomiting,blood came out of his poor red sore butt, itching, Jumpy” he jumped real bad & was very nervous when our air conditioner went off, he has never done this before. In the 5-6 years we had our dog he has never gone to the bathroom in our home, now I have diarrhea on my carpet! ” not his fault” It says pet owners must be extremely vigilant once Rimadyl has been administered to their dog, How can I do this when we didn’t know? We were told it was for pain & inflammation, My daughter & I thought it was like motrin or something, you trust what your vet say’s & this is what happens! I hope their is no serious damage to him, he gets checked out today, a free exam because of what happened, but i’am told I have to pay for any fluids or testing, which I do not feel is fair, after all it’s because of this drug, & a vet not doing her job completely right, I believe.Again she should have known about this drug, the side effects, my dog is part lab, my dog also has a record of sensitivity to drugs, & the fact that it says before giving Rimadyl he should of had a blood test.

    47. Our border collie is 13 years old now and our vet put him on Rimodyl just on a daily regime basis.It was given because of small walking disabilities
      After 2 days our dog started vomiting and was sleeping all the time, lost his appetite completely and gave impression couldn’t take any breath.
      Gave us the impression don’t touch me and leave me alone.
      He refuses to come when asking and he is just another dog.

    48. My Sassy, a Sitzon, pulled a ligament in her leg, was put on Rimodyl and 5 days later had her at the hospital for bleeding in her stomach. Was told to stop the Rimodyl immediately and given other medications to help her. Now all she does is scratch. More medication to stop that. I was not told of any side effects to the drug Rimodyl until it cost me $650 with a hospital visit along with the initial cost to our vet. Rimodyl should be banned. My poor dog had to suffer because of it and still is.

    49. So I’m sitting here with an unopened bottle of Rimadyl that our vet has just prescribed for buddy’s arthritis. We did a blood test and all Bud’s organs are okay, but I’m really reticent to start this medication….. what to do?

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