What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

Side Effects Of Rimadyl In Dogs

Rimadyl was released by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in 1997 as a new “wonder drug” treatment for arthritis and joint problems in dogs. However, although Rimadyl is very effective in reducing inflammation and pain in affected dogs, it is now known to cause a number of potentially serious side effects in dogs, particularly the Labrador retriever breed of dog.

Before being prescribed Rimadyl, it is very important that a veterinarian runs blood tests on your dog to rule out any underlying health problems that could lead to a reaction with Rimadyl. If the results indicate that the dog might already have impaired liver function, use of Rimadyl should be ruled out immediately as it could lead to serious illness or death. Dogs with kidney disease or bleeding disorders should also not be prescribed Rimadyl.

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What are the Rimadyl side effects in dogs?

The majority of dogs suffer no side effects from taking Rimadyl, but a small minority unfortunately DO experience serious side effects as a result of taking the drug, so it is very important that you are vigilant at all times and monitor your dog for signs or symptoms of a potentially life threatening reaction to Rimadyl. For reasons as yet unknown, Labrador retrievers are particularly at risk of serious side effects cause by Rimadyl and should not be prescribed Rimadyl.

Side effects of Rimadyl include:

Within a time frame of one to three hours the following symptoms can become visible in your dog with respect to how much Rimadyl was administered to your dog.

Symptoms to watch for are:

  • A loss of appetite and unwillingness to drink
  • Changes in urination patterns: sweet smelling urine, blood in the urine, and/or urinating far more than usual
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Vomit or stools containing blood
  • Changes in skin, including scabs, redness, itching
  • Change in normal temperament: lethargy, drowsiness, restlessness, aggressiveness, hyperactivity
  • Stumbling, staggering, partial or full paralysis
  • Seizures
  • Dizziness
  • Jaundice: yellow whites of the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes
  • Death
  • The side effects of Rimadyl are mostly attributable to liver, kidney, and gastrointestinal problems: in some dogs, Rimadyl causes ulceration and bleeding in the gut, damage to the kidney function, and liver failure due to Hepatotoxicity, all of which are potentially fatal.

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    Side effects of Rimadyl can occur with hours of taking the drug, which is why pet owners must be extremely vigilant once Rimadyl has been administered to their dog. In other dogs, adverse symptoms do not appear until a few days have passed. Initially the dog might seem a little off colour—perhaps off its food and more lethargic than normal.

    What should I do if my dog appears to be suffering from Rimadyl side effects?

    If your dog has been given Rimadyl and you suspect it has had an adverse reaction to the drug, there are a number of steps you should take without delay. Firstly stop giving Rimadyl to your dog immediately, and then take the dog to your veterinarian clinic and tell them you suspect Rimadyl toxicity is the culprit. If the adverse effects of Rimadyl are caught quickly enough, the right course of treatment can be given and the dog should recover. However, it is a good idea to keep accurate records of your dog’s symptoms and treatment in the event that you need to make a claim against Pfizer for a refund of your veterinarian expenses.

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    1. My chow chow started having bloody stools, stopped eating and drinking, the vet came to see her and now she is doing great. WE do not give her rymadil anymore, we are giving her tramadol instead and she is doing well.

    2. A better alternative is to give your dogs Ascripton as needed for pain. A good friend of ours is a retired vet and this was his recommendation. It seems to work fine for my Lucy, an eleven year old golden. Yes she has arthritis and gets a stiff and sore after alot of exercise. She has also had both knees repaired. He said to keep her moving with walks and such and give her as Ascripton when she needs it or overdoes it, like when we take her upj north and she swims and plays all day.
      I would never put her on this dangerous drug that all of the vets seem to be pushing now. They get kickbacks from the drug companies!

    3. I just lost my dog suddenly after a drastic deterioration in his walking particularly hind legs, where no previous issue, leading to collapse and paralysis 10 days after I began administering Rimadyl. Side effects started on 3rd day. Needless to say I’m devasted and have so many regrets. I wish the vet had known more about possible side effects so I had known about them before it was too late. If nothing else I thought it worth mentioning if you are really worried your dog has had an adverse reaction to a drug it’s really important you notify the Veterinary Medicines Directorate by completing a Suspected Adverse Affect form. You can do this online or print a paper copy. This enables DEFRA to monitor concerns about drugs and maybe dogs will stop suffering needlessly.

    4. So glad I found this site my miniature poodle was put on this drug on Wednesday because doctor think he has a pulled muscle as he has been crying out when he stands up. My George is only 5 and has been a very healthy dog so I am going to discontinue thus drug today. Thanks

    5. I had my 55lb Boxer/Lab (and maybe part Pit Bull – I’ve been told) of just one year old neutered last Friday. He was prescribed this for pain along with Acepromazine to mellow him out while he’s recovering. He’s a high-energy dog anyways, but I thought he would be low-key after the surgery and with the meds. Instead, he’s been bouncing off the walls all weekend (way more than normal for him)…

      I called my Vet Monday and spoke with a Tech. I asked if there was a different tranquilizer we could try since I couldn’t get him to calm down. I explained that he was very fidgety and his front legs were tremoring when he was sitting along with his head (when he was laying on me I could tell). I was concerned that he wouldn’t heal properly or possibly make things worse at his surgical site if he didn’t calm down. When I crated him Sunday afternoon with his E-collar on, I returned after only two-hours finding the collar off and in pieces. They prescribed Alprazolam…

      The 100Mg Rimadyl chewable tabs were given once every twenty-four hours starting Saturday (as prescribed) and I administered his third tablet (out of five) at 6:30am on Monday. He got his fourth at 8:00am on Tuesday and I picked up the Alprazolam later that afternoon. I gave him half of a 2Mg tab at 1:30pm and then gave the other half at 4:30pm because he was still hyper…

      This morning we woke up at 4:00am and he was fine. At 5:30am I gave him a whole 2Mg Alprazolam (hoping that would do the trick and keep him low-key). He actually went in his crate and fell asleep not too long after. I thought “well that did the trick”. Then at 7:00am I gave him his last dose of Rimadyl and within a half-hour he was all amped up and had the tremors again…

      I decided to research the Rimadyl and found this discussion forum. I can’t believe this was prescribed or at least not reconsidered by the Vet when I called to discuss his condition and symptoms. I was originally instructed to keep him quiet with minimal activity. I’ve been stressing out and ready to duct-tape him down to the floor. Come to find out, the very medication he’s been getting is what appears to be causing his issues. I can only imagine what he would’ve been like without the tranquilizers. It sounds like I was lucky compared to most of the other replies on this thread. At least we’re done with his prescription now, I just have to endure the last dose he got this morning. I won’t be using this medication on him ever again…

    6. I just found my notes from our previous dog’s reaction to Rimadyl a dozen years ago. It seems the drug continues to do damage to too many dogs. At least vets should warn their clients about warning signs of a bad reaction. Here is our experience.

      Our large English springer spaniel, about 12 years old, started (non-chewable) Rimadyl for arthritis. Three days later he fell down 3 times, which he had never done before. Six days later, after numerous falls,we stopped Rimadyl in case it was causing these problems. Over the next few days, with Rimadyl still in his system, he continued to fall, with growing depression and overall weakness. We carried him to the vet between us in a blanket because he couldn’t walk, and blood tests 5 days after we stopped Rimadyl showed raised liver enzymes. Fortunately he started to get better that day. Started prednizone and antibiotics that night and there was a gradual slow return to previous level of health. ( Vet said he would report reaction to Rimadyl.)

    7. We started our 12 year on Rimadyl and within a week, she started having a negative reaction. The vet then prescribed Famotidine in case she developed stomach problems.
      Needless to say, we stopped both medications.
      The drug companies love to prescribe meds with no concern about side effects.
      As with humans, it’s all about the money.

    8. I gave this medicine to my terrier as prescribed for a knee problem that she had. The same night she was walking funny (staggering) and I assumed it was because her knee was bothering her. I gave her a second dose before I left for work and when I got home she couldn’t walk and she was staring into space. My dog is paralyzed and I’m taking her to the vet today. I didn’t mention my dog is only 2 going on 3 years old

    9. My Macy was given Rimadyl after she was spayed for a pain releaver. I gave it to her as persribed. She didnt have any major reactions to thr drug other then it made her not want to eat or drink anything. Which are listed symptoms on several sites. I wasnt informed of these from the vet. I now learned you better know of all possible side effects before given to pets. In the mean time i have to wait for these drugs to get out of her system so she wont get dehyderated.

    10. My 13-year-old Corgi went on Rimadyl 2.5 years ago. Lately it has not been of help to her so at the vet’s suggestion we weaned her off of it. She never had a problem while she was taking it all that time. Now she suddenly seems to be urinating a LOT and not have much control over it. And this is a dog that also had control for as long as needed. Is this just a reaction to cleaning her system of the drug, or is it something that requires her to be checked by the vet?

    11. I have a 10 year old pug that was put on Rimadyl for a back problem. He had only had 9 doses and had 3 granmal seizures within 24 hours from his last dose. He is now having to take anti seizure meds. Would like to know how to contact the drug company to see if we can be compensated for all the money we have spent over thid last week as well as compensation for pain and suffering.

    12. I’ve had my 12 year old MinPin on this for 2 months for leg ligament issue. He did great on it. Last week he wasn’t much interested in food and was becoming lethargic. Last time he ate much of anything was night before last. Also runny ORANGE poop, drinking lots of water. I did also notice the “laying there staring” thing. Hadn’t given him any Rimadyl since Sunday but hasn’t improved. Vet did blood work and says his autoimmune system is attacking red blood cells! This dog NEVER gets sick. Red cells were down to 15,000 – normal should be more than double that – and white cells were way up. Vet suggested autoimmune suppressants which I ok’d to start. I’m supposed to go there in a couple hours to discuss the game plan and I think I’m going to suggest another blood test for liver enzymes. Poor little guy…

    13. We have been giving our dog remadyl for 4 years now and he has had a skin condition for the last two years, He has been given CIPRO by the vet and when he is taking it he cant have his remadyl. While taking the CIPRO his skin condition gets better but when he goes off it and back on his remadyl his skin gets worse again. I thought it was because he was off his CIPRO but now I am wondering if it is because he is back on the remadyl. It seem like the vet should have known about the side effect. He wanted us to spend $200 and a panel of blood tests to see what was causing the bad skin. Please advise us on what to do.

    14. max-our 12yr old austrailian shepard 60 lbs prescribed 100mg(RIMADYL) daily,(under the 2mg per lb guidline).we were given a free trial of 7 cewables,noticed that his stiffness/arthritis seemed better,but not moving around as much.we took max back to vet for blood tests,was told all organs good .I purchased 60 100 mg chewables of RAMADYL).gave him one for ride home,2 hours later when we went to go in house he staggered at the bottom step,back legs fell from undernieth him . he managed to make it inside.next 2 days stareing at ground not drinking or eating ,dizzy staggering.wondering if he was dying.he would go in anther room and stay there by himself.I did not tell you bowie our other ausie is 11 yrs they are inseparable,but he doesn’t even notice her.after reading a couple of these heart felt horrific accounts of (RIMADYL),I sopped them imediately. I stoped the (RIMADYL)after that one dose on the way home.for the next three days we enticed him with ice to get him to drink water.rubbed it on his gums,he would eventualy drink laying down,a small amount.eating small amounts ,which to me is allright,because I was trying to flush this (rimadyl)out of his system.5 days later,max is almost back to where he was before the (RIMADYL)was introduced to him.follows us around the house,barks when I come home,up and down back and front stairs.I feel like one of the lucky pet owners whose pet escaped this nasty drug.(DO NOT GIVE( RIMADYL) TO YOUR DOG)I flushed the other 59 pills down the tolliet.

    15. Rimadyl, gave my male spaniel, severe gut pain, and bloody diahrea and vomiting, with in a hour..so he is on the severe allergic alert on all his records, and the vet and animal hospital. if your dog is allergic make sure this is documented. now Rimadyl helped my female spaniel, tremendously, she went from not being able to walk to jumping on the chairs. how ever after her surgery when they boosted up her dose, it made her incontinent, and then her fur fell out. been battling severe dermatitis now. when she was off of it, and big caution here you cannot mix Rimadyl with Prednisone. you must wait a week for one to get out of the system before starting the other, she calmed down her fur started to grow back. we decided to stop the pred, it is harmful to their immune system and went back to Rimadyl in a lighter dose, that night she went into an itchy biting frenzy. so unfortunately, as good as Rimadyl works, it can have bad side effects, my previous spaniel 20 years ago was on Rimadyl with no problems at all. I do not know if they changed it or what. it can be a miracle pill. but now I think I over toxicified my dog’s system when the vet boosted up her dose. my male spaniel is on Tramadol. the first week they want to sleep not eat much, but then that wears off…and they are ok. too high of a dose, can cause severe constipation, so monitor your dog and you can tell what dose is safe for them. now when he had surgery and they tripled his dose, he got skin peel. and yeh it does cause panting, that is withdraw symptoms, when their dose wears off and it is time for the next, you can’t stop cold turkey. it must be stepped down. so a light dose works fine on him, but he will let me know when his dose is wearing off, he starts to pace and pant. ALL PILLS animal or human have side effects you have to balance the dose and which is preferred what side effects at a min….. or the pain it was meant to help. every dog like every person’s body and system is different and toleration levels, I always start at 1/4 what ever a vet doses. and work my way up, keep a journal of side effects vs benefits so I know where the best dose level is…. if it is below the vet recommended….now my female spaniel, I am debating, pain relief vs severe itching and dermatitis. which is driving her crazy. and we are doing the baths etc. Tramadol does not seem to benefit her. like I said every dog is different, every dog has their own tolerance levels. be safe start LOW. keep a diary….you see so many human drugs that were once praised as miracle pills, now under class action suits.. every drug has pros and cons. my question to Pfeifer is: since my previous spaniel in the 1990’s took Rimadyl it was a red pill back then, with NO side effects…she was 17, for arthritis, did you CHANGE something? I know it is chewable now..but I mean any ingredient or place you are outsourcing your ingredients from? can I get the red pill again? maybe my dog is allergic to something in the brown chewable? my dogs have been through allot surgeries, cancers, and broken bones. and old age. so we have been through many pain meds. I did see Miracles happen with Rimadyl. but NOW I see LOTS of side effects. what’s changed? thanks.

    16. My dog diagnosed with arthritis and possibly torn ligament was just put on rimadyl, now going on her 4th day. She is 7 yrs old, mixed lab/retriever. I feel she is panting excessively and has this strange habit of licking and snapping at the air. This is happening each night now. It lasts for about 20 minutes, and this is hours after her 2nd dose of rimadyl for the day. I am calling my vet in the morning, but my husband doesn’t agree with me. He says her panting is from being hot, and her snapping in the air has always happened before. I have ‘never’ seen this in her before. I decided to look up the medicine, and now I am extremely worried.

    17. hi my golden retriever has been on rimadyl for a few years now but the wetting is the problem we have to cover the carpets what else can we do she has a tablet every two days now

    18. Our 9 year old Chesapeake was given rimadyl on Saturday for arthritis, on Monday, severe diarrhea, vomiting, today severe vomiting, endless and blood. Took her to her regular Vet, diagnosis hemoraging pancreatitis. He said we came very close to losing her. This drug is not for retriever type dogs!!!

    19. Our beloved yr old puppy was given rimadyl after he got stitches in his foot, 7 days later on mothers day we had to say goodbye, they couldn’t stop the bleeding in his stomach …… The vets said it could upset his stomach never did they say he could potentially bleed to death internally. I will NEVER give another pet rimadyl, & they will be compensating for what has happened. My family including my 2 kids are absolutely devastated.

    20. My dog was diagnosed with anxiety/panic attacks after full blood work and X-rays this was the explanation. I brought him to the vet because he was having episodes of a horrible squealing cry!! This started after a close friend who was staying with me passed away. My dog is now on Xanax and rimadyl. Now he hardly ever cries but I notice d after taking his second rimadyl pill he goes from playing to staring into space and hardly moving ?’ I think it might be the rimadyl????
      I knew it was an antiinflamatory but I didn’t think it had these kind of side effects ? Do you think it is from the pill?????

    21. My 4 month old baby (german shepard) died after taking the drug. Took her to the vet for swelling on his right leg…Got to injections and rimadyl. The next day he was dead…Im SAD SAD SAD

    22. My 12 year old black lab -German Shepherd mix was put on Rimadyl because of osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia which was causing him great discomfort. He has been on the drug for 3 weeks now and I has been doing great. We are able to go for short walks and he can run a little in the park. Before giving him Rimadyl he was almost unable to move.
      My vet has recommended not using Rimadyl for more than 3 months though, and I am wondering what alternative medicine other people have tried.
      We live in Honduras and treatments are limited to medications and light exercise.
      If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear from you.

    23. My almost 2 year old chihuahua mix was put on Vetprofen (generic Rimadyl) for his right knee which was causing him pain when he jumped on and off furniture. The vet told us to use the drug for 3 to 14 days and see how he feels. He seemed to be having less pain while he was on the drug and showed no adverse side effects.

      However on the 12th day of treatment he went from running around on a walk to refusing his food for dinner. Soon after he began vomiting and continued to every 30 minutes. By midnight he was having black tarry stools which eventually turned into bloody liquid diarrhea. The vomiting and diarrhea persisted through the night and in the early morning we rushed him to the 24 hour vet hospital. When he arrived the vet said that he was going into shock and was in critical condition. His blood pressure was extremely low, undetectable for most of the time, his blood sugar was low, body temperature was low, and heart rate was at 180. By noon of the same day the vet said they had replaced 2/3 of his body weight with fluids and was still unresponsive to treatment. He continued to bleed out through his gastrointestinal tract and would have required to be hooked up to machines to keep his blood pressure up unless we put him down. The vet said that all these adverse side effects could be attributed to the Vetprofen and while it is uncommon for death to occur they do see it happen. Within 20 hours of showing any adverse symptoms to the drug my beloved young chihuahua had to be put down.

      I am currently in the process of contacting the manufactures of the drug and filing a FDA report, if anyone else has gone through this process please contact me. No one should have to see their dog go out like this, especially a dog that was full of life and not even two years old.

      1. To everyone: DO NOT GIVE THIS MEDICATION TO YOUR DOG!!!!!!!!
        My dog was prescribed to it for a minor issue. After 2 days, he could barely walk. He staggered when walking when he could get up. His back legs kept buckling. I took him off the medicine 2 days ago and am already seeing improvement, but not normalcy like before. His back legs are still very lame and weak.
        THIS DRUG IS POISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate Rimadyl and the makers need to take this poorly designed drug off the market. WHY IS IT ON THE MARKET AFTER THIS MANY SIDE EFFECTS? THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        The quality of my 3 year-old bichon’s life should not be determined by a drug that is supposed to FIX a problem. Instead it causes more pain and problems. I cried for 2 straight days thinking my dog was paralyzed and might possibly die. It made me wish I never went to the vet to begin with. My dog was a very happy, playful, and youthful dog. He has now lost that and is having to be crated until he hopefully has a full recovery from this poisonous drug.

    24. We have a 10 yr. old rescue dog who was severely neglected and abused before we got him 2 yrs. ago. He has been on Temaril P since we rescued him. After developing a front leg/shoulder arthritic condition he was prescribed Rimadayl (6o days ago) and has done wonderfully and limp is completely gone and his blood labs are all fantastic. He is like a puppy again. However he has suddenly begun to go deaf…any suggestions as I don’t see deafness as a side effect for either medication. He is a Chorgi (ChowChow/Corgi mix).

    25. Our dachshund was prescribed Rimadyl to help control the pain of an ear infection. Of course, we were concerned that our dog was suffering, so we simply trusted the vets and we didn’t investigate the potential side-effects. Within a couple days of using Rimadyl, our dog was unable to walk due to partial paralysis in his hind legs. He had a terrible seizure that lasted a half-hour. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to us that Rimadyl could have this effect until our 2nd dachshund received a single dose and lost the ability to walk within 12 hours. That is when we started researching and discovered countless stories from others with similar experiences. We are devastated. Please be warned. I know some dogs are helped by Rimadyl /carprofen, but the risks are very real and very serious. These are not “upset stomach” or “lethargy” type of side effects. These are paralysis, liver or renal failure, and death side-effects. Please use a pain management drug with less risky side-effects. If you decide to use Rimadyl, watch your dog very carefully and start with very small doses. It is absolutely horrible to watch your beloved family member suffer because you kept giving them something you thought was going to help them.

    26. July 21 2015. Rimadyl was prescribed for luxating patella. Vet knows she has ( had?) ITP. After X-ray 25 mg. Was prescribed. She is 12 lbs. 4 oz. Pom. Vet said give with food. 2p.m. We fed her chicken thigh & a bit of rice. She ate the drug. 3:30- 4 a.m. July 22nd. vomiting. 12 P.m. vomiting. Drug will never be used twice. Sad to say i believe ,this is far more common than the vets would have you think. I wanted the X-ray after she went lame, but was concerned about the drug. 99.9% of the vets will say ” Maybe its something she ate”……YEAH RIMADYL!

    27. Hi i have a 10 yr old black lab she has been on rymadyl for about 3 months no problems today i gave her her pill and also gave some benadryl
      Cause she has allergiex i went out and when i came home her whole face top of head and under her neck was very swollen took her to vet they said it was some kinda allergic reaction maybe a bite gave her a shot of benadryl
      Im worried did anyone ever have this happen after being on for awhie?

    28. Our beloved black lab Molly died 3 days ago and age 13.5.
      It started with a cough, the et put her on diuretics because of pulmonary congestion and thought early eart disease on a chest X-ray. At the same time she started Rimadyl for her weak arthritic hips. Thought he cough and pulmonary congestion resolved she started to go down hill. Listless, non enthusiasm, absolutely no appetite, increased water intake and urination, went from 168 lbs to 166lbs. Back to a different vet who diagnosed renal impairment and started her on IV fluids then we took over with subcut fluids at home. NO Rimadyl. SHe responded for only a few weeks. Then her creatinine shyrocketed to 10.6 and there was no saving her. Complete renal failure and starting to have liver problems. COULD the Rimadyl have caused this? Miss her so much it hurts!! Jenny

    29. I actually ment that Molly lost 12 lbs she went down to 156 from 168. Perhaps she was just old but I think the Rimadyl is what hastened her renal failure. Love to see some comments.

    30. My 13 year old Lab almost died from Novox 100 (rimadyl)

      Kody was healthy but with a sore leg and was on it 3 days, only 1 pill per day. On 4th morning he took a huge turn for the worse. He was shaking, crying (almost convulsing) he couldn’t get up or walk all morning. By noon I called my vet and he was coming to my house by 3:30 to put him to sleep! I was horrified. At 2:30 he got up, ate a steak we cooked as his last meal and he walked around the yard , did his business, assisted by us. I decided to postpone the vet. Now almost 3 weeks later he has made a remarkable improvement. He gets up no problem, even trots out in the yard! His appetite is back. He is still a little bit wobbly at times. I now give him 6 Glycoflex daily by Vetri Science daily and they really help. Give your dog time to recover like I did, this is terrible medicine for dogs!!

    31. It’s breaking my heart reading all of these stories. I brought my 5 year old Pointer/Basset mix to the vet as she was moving slower and seemed to be favoring her back/lower legs when she was sitting down. Our vet prescribed Rimadyl without running bloodwork on her. Five days later, she started vomiting, stopped eating/drinking and was extremely sluggish. I rushed her to the vet and they ran bloodwork which indicated she was in severe renal failure. To the point that their machines couldn’t even register how high her levels were. We tried IV fluids and renal ultrasounds but there was no hope so we put her to sleep 4 days later after bringing her home to spend her last 24 hours with us. We think that the back pain was most likely her kidneys (she was a rescue and we only had her for 9 months so we didn’t know her history) but that the Rimadyl killed her. We were devastated. And yes, we left that veterinary practice. When I questioned the vet about the Rimadyl after she died, he blew it off.

    32. I beautiful and smart 11 year old border collie, had a seizure of unknown cause. Top three possibilities according to the vet were embolism, she had been on a very long walk the day before, cancerous brain tumor (untreatable) or un known toxicity (she drank from a local creek). She was recovering from her seizure, given valume, but she was still very stiff when we got her home, she was prescribes rimadyl for her stiffness along with Methocarbomol. The next day we took her for a check up and fluids, mind you her blood work is fine, they said to discontinue the Methocaramol, as the relaxants may be inhibiting her walking, she continued on the rimadyl. On the third day, she developed the nygamus- eyes twitching, dizziness, tail wagging in circle symptoms described as a reaction to rimadyl. We stopped the medication fourth day. She is eating, drinking, trying her best , sitting up, defecating and urinating, but unable to stand and still dizzy and eyes twitching. How long after stopping rimdayl did your dogs’ symptoms go away, if at all? The symptoms have reduced, but are still present. It has now been 5 days since she has taken it, she took it a total of four days.

      1. Please Michelle, let me know if your dog is fine? My boxer is been bad for 3 days since I suspende the Medicine. Did your dog became well after those days?

    33. Our Lab started taking Rimadyl 10 days ago, and I noticed she was biting and licking herself. When I looked at her stomach area, I was alarmed to see she was all red and swollen! Of course, we stopped giving it to her and started on Benadryl. She seems better.

    34. A week ago my 6 year old husky was prescribed rimadyl for his leg pain , the vet thinks my dog is infected by a fungus that affected his bones. he is unable to walk on that leg and is in pain. but Rimadyl made him a lot worse , now he is vomiting blood, he has difficulty breathing , not eating and he is lethargic and he still seems to be in a lot of pain. two days went to the vet again , he say to give him half of the tablet instead. but my dogs is getting sicker and sicker. I call the vet again and said that I was going to stop the rimadyl and I will give tramadol instead, he says its fine 🙁 I wish the vet would had prescribed something else instead of the this medication. maybe this medication is still in research and our dogs are in clinical trials somehow because the contraindication are horrible plus reading these comments just open my eyes, I am so scare my dog will eventually die 🙁

    35. My vet wants to put my dog on this stuff too. I said no. I’ve been a pet care provider and have owned my own company for 20+ years. I have watched my customer’s dogs suffer from Rimadyl unnecessarily. We trust our vets , sometimes unconditionally, until it’s too late sometimes. My dog has a form of IBD, thus I’m shocked that my vet would try to push the Rimadyl – he won’t even allow my boy to receive rabies shots anymore. I said “No, Dr. J. I’m not giving him that medication”. His reasoning was something like ” … we treat many many many dogs successfully with this medication…” while I was thinking “So what ? Those dogs have nothing to do with my dog”. I have learned to listen to my gut and when it’s screaming “no way – don’t do it ” if I don’t listen, I pay the price. Never again. Reading all of these stories has broken my heart for the suffering of your innocent little ones and for the guilt you have felt. I’m so very sorry for all of you who trusted in this poison and got burnt in the worst possible way. Thank you for having done it for us and for sharing your stories. Because, I’ll tell ya- when he goes, I go. Well, unless the kitties are still with us. They’re older than the dog and of course I won’t abandon them.

    36. My Doberman was put on Rimadyl for pain after a tumor removal. He has been acting funny by walking around in circles, starring into space and very lethargic. I wish I would have read these comments before getting this medicine for my Diesel. Does anyone have any positive feed back on this drug? Is everything bad?

    37. I can not believe all these comments . We lost our Molly she was 13.5 years old a black lab mix. It started with coughing and we took her to the vet. We were told she has mild congestive heart failure, It cleared with a diuretic and a heart medication. The vet also put her on a generic Rimadyl for her weak arthritic hips. She started losing weight and her renal values started to go up. She became lethargic and had no appetite, lost 12 lbs. No interest in life and looked so sad. Just after a few days I realized it was the same medication as Rimadyl which gave her diarrhea a few years earlier and I had sworn to never give her again.

      Even so Molly’s creatinine rose above 10 normal I think is below 1.5. Sadly we had to euthanize her.

      We will miss her every day! She was a beautiful loyal companion. Research very carefully before you lose your doggie friend to this drug.

    38. I am so sorry to everyone who has had to see their beloved pets suffer from this XPoisonX Drug Rimadyl. Dogs are the sweetest and most unconditionally loving creatures. To lose that is to lose part of yourself.
      To anyone considering this medication: DO NOT GIVE THIS MEDICATION TO YOUR DOG!!!!!!!!
      My dog was prescribed to it for a minor issue. After 2 days, he could barely walk. He staggered when walking when he could get up. His back legs kept buckling. I took him off the medicine 2 days ago and am already seeing improvement, but not normalcy like before. His back legs are still very lame and weak.
      THIS DRUG IS POISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate Rimadyl and the makers need to take this poorly designed drug off the market. WHY IS IT ON THE MARKET AFTER THIS MANY SIDE EFFECTS? THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The quality of my 3 year-old bichon’s life should not be determined by a drug that is supposed to FIX a problem. Instead it causes more pain and problems. I cried for 2 straight days thinking my dog was paralyzed and might possibly die. It made me wish I never went to the vet to begin with. My dog was a very happy, playful, and youthful dog. He has now lost that and is having to be crated until he hopefully has a full recovery from this poisonous drug.

      To have big smart dog eyes stare into their masters with full trust in their being taken care of and here you are actually poisoning them.
      To watch their spirit dwindle.
      To watch them change into comatose creatures.
      To look at them wanting so badly to play or run, but the top of their paw drags the ground when walking. They fall over. Fall into their feces when trying to do a normal function of life. How embarrassing to any creature.
      To watch big brown eyes, say “mom can you help me up this 2″ step” because his legs have failed.
      To watch this drug still be administered after people are battling this depression from their torment in watching their pets go DOWNHILL.
      Put this drug away.

      1. Samantha , please tell me if your dog had a complete recovery of Rimadyl. My boxer is being at the hospital for 2 days since I suspended the drug. Please tell me your dog is fine now! What medicine helped here to recovery? Please! Answer me, I am desperate.

    39. I just gave my 10 half yr old one for first time in his life . I should researchd before doing this not after. He has crystals in his pee an a uti so this was prescribed for pain. Is there an antidote or anything I can give him to help delute the pill. These post have scared me to death.

    40. Our 11 year old Siberian husky has been on Rimadyl for over 2 years for arthritis in her rear legs and it seemed to be helping on the whole. Several months ago she started getting itchy skin patches on her chest & the vet said it was due to her sleeping on our damp patio (by choice – she likes to be outside a lot). We thought no more of it but at Christmas we increased the dose as she seemed particularly stiff. Within a week she’d had a weird mini seizure and seemed dizzy & wobbly. The vet said to keep an eye on her but didn’t mention the Rimadyl. Over the last few weeks she has had two more occasions where she seemed dizzy and was leaning to one side – both we have realised coincided with us increasing her dose of Rimadyl at times when she seemed particularly stiff. After reading up on Rimadyl side effects we now believe this is causing the reaction and have stopped giving her the drug. We’ll be taking her back to the vets to insist on an alternative treatment and are hoping there is no long term damage. Can’t believe the vet hasn’t put 2&2 together & it has taken research from us to figure out what’s going on.

    41. Please let me know, if these side effects ALWAYS are senen immediately after giving Rimadyl for a short period of time or could this also happen after not given it for a few weeks?

    42. My 15 year old Keeshond was on Novox ( generic version of Rimadyl) for arthritis in his hind legs. He’s was on it for about 3 months my Vet never told me about any type of blood work to check any levels in his blood. One night after my poo Baby Bear had a less than normal appetite Iwas woke up about 2 hours after we went to sleep with Bear gasping for air his tongue was pale. My son and iIrushed him to the closest Animal Emergency Center the Vet said he was bleeding internally and there was nothing they could do. I had to put my Baby Bear to sleep because these pills should not be used they are Poison!!!!!!!! Bear has been gone since August 26, 2015 and I can’t stop crying thinking that I killed him with these pills thinking Iwas helping him with Arthritis pain! Please do not give this to your pet it is POISON!!!!

    43. Our 6 year old Doberman was just put on Rimadyl for a bad hip – we have spent over $350 in vet bills because of his strange behavior. Walks in circles, can’t seem to lay down – its like he wants to crawl out of his skin. I have been up all night with him and we are both exhausted!! He may have a bad hip but it is worst now because he won’t settle down and he is continually moving. I am very angry at my vet that I had to find the side effects on this website and not from him. My poor sweet dog. Hoping the side effects wear off soon.

    44. My 4 year old lab has been on rimadyl for 1 1/2 days for a sore and inflammation on top of a front paw. He has to pee every 10 minutes after taking 3 doses. I will be sleeping on the couch in the family room tonight.
      He had the same problem with medicine when he had to go under so the vets could deal with a bad ear infection. He peed for 2 days continuously every 10 – 15 minutes. I do not know if he was on rimadyl then. I thought it was the drug to put him under because it happened both times. I will find out tomorrow and get back to everyone!!! He will never take this drug again.
      Vets give out drugs without the disclosure that we get as humans! Something to get in the future.

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