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Rimadyl Side Effects

This page provides an overview of an ever growing number of True Life Stories told by dog lovers sharing their personal experiences on the side effects of Rimadyl.

  • From Dyanne Bresler on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    So glad I read these incredibly sad stories. My dog was given Rimadyl last night and I am NOT giving him any more. This is a bad drug.

  • From Kristen A Lenhart on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    My Boston had a tumor removed three weeks ago and was given this for pain. She had no side effects that I noticed. I gave it to her for maybe 5 days post-surgery. I can say she was not as spunky and her appetite was not great. She cut her paw and had to have stitches Tuesday. Today, Thursday, after 3 doses she is throwing up with blood in her stool. I stopped the drug, and no food. She is drinking water. I am scared I will lose her after reading all of this. I am monitoring her closely. I was never, ever told these side effects. I am angry, scared, and upset. She is 10 and I am so scared I will lose her. Should I take her for bloodwork tomorrow? This medication is evil, and I will never give it to her again!

    • From Bulterman de Groot on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

      You stopped the treatment, that is great.
      The main thing is to take her to a veterinarian and keep monitoring her closely.
      I hope everything will turn out OK for you and your little Boston buddy.

      Keep us posted.

  • From Anna on Rimadyl Overdose: Is Rimadyl dangerous for my dog?

    We put down our beloved black lab on Saturday. Eleven years old. We had been giving him one Rimadyl once a week for about a year now. It seemed to help his arthritis . He had been having various issues this past year, excessive thirst, lethargy, and weakness/limping. We had him to the vet’s several times and had him tested for all kinds of things. In fact, we have spent $3,000 in the past year on vet bills. No one ever mentioned the Rimadyl and just kept supplying us with more. When we took him in last week the vet suspected his thyroid might be out of wack so we had another expensive test done. Came back positive for thyroid disease so the vet prescribed thyroid medicine and told us to give him a 75 mg rimadyl once a day. We did that. Four days later he was not eating, laying on the floor, urinating where he lay and looked like he had just given up.
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    We put him down. We are just racked with guilt because all these months we had thought we were doing a good thing giving him this drug and we were really slowly destroying him. I wish we would have investigated this drug before it was too late. I would say don’t give this drug to your dog. In the past 25 years my 13 year old Rottweiler had to be put down as he was having seizures and was in great distress. He had been on rimadyl for his leg pain for quite some time. Next my 12 year old yellow lab starting urinating blood and could not get up and down the steps. He was very ill and we had to put him down. He had also taken rimadyl. I am now thinking that this drug killed all three of my dogs, or at the very least shortened their lives and made them miserable. I feel so guilty.

  • From Jack on Rimadyl Overdose: Is Rimadyl dangerous for my dog?

    As the info says, 1 (one) milligram per pound of body weight twice a day. Always give with plenty of food. My Lab has hip dysplasia and cannot feel the urge to defecate quick enough to make it all the way outside. Since starting her on Rimadyl, she hasn’t had one accident in the house. All dogs are different. Any change in appetite (won’t eat), vomiting or changes in stool, stop the drug immediately. Another Lab we had could not tolerate the drug and it almost killed him after a week. For days all he could ingest was Ensure until he was back to normal. It really is a gamble.

  • From Linda /4 on What is the accurate Rimadyl dosage for Dogs and Puppies?

    Can I give my 40lb. Wheaten 1/4 of a Rimadyl tablet (75mg) every 4 hours for 24 hours?

  • From Tammy Riffe on Rimadyl Overdose: Is Rimadyl dangerous for my dog?

    After reading all these comments I’m freaking out now! My vet gave my min pin the injection for his fever. He caught a bug of some kind at the kennel. She also gave me the chewables to give but didn’t tell me not to give more tonight and I gave him the chewable at home cause it said twice a day. I forgot about the injection! Now I’m worried my dog is going to od because they didn’t tell me don’t give this one again with antibiotic they gave also. All I can do is watch for vomiting and diarrhea. If that happens, get him to vet! What am I going to do!!!!! What if he dies like all these other poor dogs.

  • From mary on What is the accurate Rimadyl dosage for Dogs and Puppies?

    Vet today prescribed Rimadyl for my 83 # german shepherd
    He did not suggest doing any blood work before starting the drug.
    Should I see another vet? Dosage he gave me is 150 mg a day.

  • From Madylon on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    My Bouvier 7 year old has been on Rimadyl for 2 years ,and the only reason she is off was because she developed a skin condition with scabbing, itching ,ulcers. The vet decided she needed to be on Prednisone and amoxicillin for her skin. I had to research on my own whether pred would react with the Rimadyl , as I am pretty cautious about mixing drugs. When I called my vet’s office to inquire about the drug combo they said wait 48 hrs with no Rimadyl then start pred. After everything I have read here she will never take that drug again. It was given for arthritis pain and seemed to help at first but she has had off and on skin itching that vet has said we’re allergy related. Allergy to Rimadyl is what I think. I am so grateful it was not fatal.

    • From Bulterman de Groot on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

      Hi Madylon,

      One can never be too cautious, so well done!

      As a rule NSAIDs like Rimadyl should never be given with steroids, for example, prednisone, dexamethasone, triamcinolone.

      The changes in her skin condition you described (scabs, redness, itching) all belong to the list of most common Rimadyl-related side effects.

      By the way, Bouvier des Flandres, a real family dog, smart, loyal and protective, yet very friendly by nature.

      Thank you for sharing your story with us and warm regards

  • From SC on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    Our 6 month old lab was given rimadyl after her spay surgery. She started to become very lethargic, lost her appetite, had noticeable limb and muscle weakness, and eventually had three seizures in one day. The vet immediately took her off rimadyl and switched her to prednisone and we begin to see immediate improvements. Apparently Labradors should never be prescribed rimadyl. Something I will certainly remember for the future, as we very nearly lost our sweet girl.

    • From Bulterman de Groot on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

      Hi there,

      First of all, let me say we’re very happy you were able to get your Lab out of immediate danger.

      One of the side effects of Rimadyl is chemically induced liver damage (Hepatotoxicity) and unfortunately, history has proven Labrador Retrievers are more sensitive to attract this type of liver damage than other dog breeds.

      The thing is, up until now, the exact mechanism of Hepatotoxicity is not completely understood, there is some speculation though, that specific proteins in liver cells (hepatocellular proteins) will react to Rimadyl (and other NSAIDs) causing damage to the liver (Hepatotoxicity).

      Hope everything will turn out well for your little Labbie, by the way, Labs are one of my favourite dog breeds. Check-out Facebook for this group Labradors SemperFi

      Warm regards

  • From Pepe Griffo on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    Our 3 year old Scotty was put on Rimadyl for atorn tor web. Took drug for two days. Thursday AM to Friday PM By Friday evening she was weaving falling down shaking her head side to side. Took her the Vet Sat. AM. Diagnoses was some sort of Nerological issue. Vet prescribed a steroid. But first had to wait for Rimadyl to wash out. By Sat. PM she needed to be carried everywhere. Went to Vet on Monday, new diagnoses, “CA” decease. Devastated Actually saw some improvement before Vet visit. By Tuesday Am she was almost herself again. Drug had washed out of her system. Vet did not mention side effects. This drug may be good for some dogs, but beware if you see any radical change stop the drug right away.

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